Another Milestone For Me

I am dedicating my 200th post to my faith in God and in Jesus Christ. 

What I write will not really be from a theological viewpoint but only as I have experienced his love and what I believe. Because of a personal reason I have been examining just what that is and how I would explain it.

I believe God created the world and everything that is in it and in the heavens and universe. I’ve not read the Bible from cover to cover…maybe some day I will but haven’t managed to yet. Having said that I have read a lot of scripture. I believe that the Bible is inspired by God ….through the Holy Spirit. There are many that question the validity and truthfulness of it but much of it…(probably more than I even know) can be historically proven to be correct. I have ventured to read some of this for my own knowledge and also to explain it to some of those close to me.  For example there is evidence found in ruins of the location where the wall of Jericho was.  I won’t recount all of these historical findings because to be honest when I read something I don’t retain it well and have to re-read it over again. Besides which this is not the purpose of this blog.

The real purpose is to say that it is totally by faith that one believes. Who in truth can explain what the Trinity is …in layman’s terms. I have heard explanations such as water…being water in different forms such as ice and liquid and yet still being water. That helped me to understand that God is Father…but He is also Jesus the Savior …but He is also the Holy Spirit…the comforter and who assists us in praying…. I say that just as one of the things I have thought about and I said…by faith.

One of my favourite songs …if not my favourite…is “I Believe” and while many question the man’s faith who sings it so beautifully,  Elvis Presley, he is the one that I listen to.  Part of the song says “Every time I hear a newborn baby cry, I know why I believe.” That is the reason I cannot understand those that believe the world just came in with a ‘bang’ and everything and everyone was made. The human body is so intricate and each part of it plays a role in how the body works. And a baby and a small child has so much innocence within them…it is beautiful to behold.

I believe that the horrors of war and other infirmities of man are not purposed by God. He would love it…I believe…if we as His people would work together to alleviate the suffering that goes on. If we shared the wealth there would be no poverty…if there was no poverty then there would be no struggle for power as is so evident in some areas of the world. We are God’s hands to accomplish these things. Many would say that a loving God should stop all of this….but I say …then He has taken away the freedom He gave us to decide how to live and what to believe. Everyone has the choice to make their own decisions.

These are only my thoughts and beliefs and I don’t mean to over-simplify matters of the world. And I don’t wish to imply that my beliefs are everyone’s.

Throughout the years of depression..and there were many years I never lost the belief that even though I didn’t understand why I had to go through the experience that I did…God was along side of me. And now when I look back I can see some of the reasons things were as they were. And I have been able to relate to others who have gone through similar ‘waters’.

In closing, I would say that when I began blogging it was because …again..I believe… I had been praying for about a year asking God how I could do something for Him. Then came some information about blogging and I thought that I would just write about my current life, my struggles with depression, my life growing up and anything else that I felt led to. I didn’t know if I would ever have anyone actually read what I wrote but decided to do it.

So here it is, just over one year of doing so and I have encountered so many issues and met so many wonderful people….not all who agree with my beliefs…but that’s okay…they are very special to me regardless.  I never would have thought that in one year I would meet and begin to care about so many and also in return to have received so many blessings and encouragement from them (you).

Here endeth my 200th post!

22 thoughts on “Another Milestone For Me

    • Thank you Rob…It’s something that was put on my heart to do …Even though when I read it over there is much more I could have said…I usually just follow the prompting as I write and don’t over-think it…Diane


  1. Diane, like I said to Jo last night, I am still here. It’s been a rough month, but I guess you could tell that from my brief posts. Again, just to say I am still here, God is still on His throne and I think I am getting better at trusting! Well I guess time will tell on that!
    What a beautifu post! and what a beautiful person you are inside and out that’s the Jesus in you Diane, that’s what attracts people. At least that whaat my mother use to’s just been 4 yrs this month and Daddy next month. I will be everlastingly grateful that they taught me about Jesus. I’ve read all your comments/responses so far. you are so gentle and not only caring, but understanding and helpful to each reader. All those things brought me to you right away. I keep hoping that my life might settle back down like it seemed to be before the clot this summer. All that has happened seemed to escalate it. I think you put the moving bug out there somehow. My husband came to me this time instead of me going to him, and asked me about moving back to Atlanta to be with our girls and granddaughters. I was so thrilled, I tell you, Diane, I just cried and called my kids and myi boss and immed started making arrangements to move. What did I forget to do? I bet everybody knows. of course I did it later, but it was wrong of me and late of me to do that. I aught to have immediately asked the Lord God what HE thought about it and what kind of timing He had in mind.
    Now of course, we have found something,but they want us to move in right away and we’ve said from the gitgo-not till mid January.which I think we will get. But then I also forgot about all those little deposits they want before approval. I’ve made the money, but I don’t have it yet. Won’t have it till the first when everybodiy starts. So I am not quite sure what He is going to do with me. Perhaps there is another place and we just don’t know about it yet.mabe He does want us there, but is going to wait till the last minute to show me how. I don’t know. but I did learn another lesson. just like I have been learning other lessons this past month. by the way, does your exchange still start with 377?


    • I am so glad that you are happy to be moving and I’m sure the Lord will provide good doctors for you there.

      Regarding the money you need before you get it…Do they have in the USA what we have in Canada called ‘Bridge Financing’. It’s a temporary loan and for a short period of time whereby the bank advances you money to for instance put down on your new home. We did it for a period of a week or two and it ended up only costing us a couple of hundred dollars ..You pay the loan plus the $200 or so when you get your money…just a thought

      No our telephone number is totally different . I’ll email it to you ..Diane.


  2. Happy blogaversary!! You know I believe but am also wrestling with him right now. I was reading Linda’s comment and I find it sad when people are judged for questioning beliefs. I think it’s necessary to question, if we don’t then we are just robots “believing” what others think we should. If we don’t question and wrestle then where’s the relationship right?


  3. I read your post with great interest. As an atheist I wonder at people’s faith and their need to believe in a god. I can see some of what you’re saying. It’s all down to faith. That’s what my mom said when I told her I would not be confirmed into the Catholic Church and stopped attending at 16. Surely there have been times in your life where you questioned god? A time where you lost your faith? Mom told me I lacked faith, like it was a distasteful flaw in my character.

    I envy people with faith. And I like your explanation of it. It seems like life might be easier thinking you have another entity supporting you through the hard times. But I always have to wonder, why the hard times at all.

    Happy 200th post. It was a good, thought-provoking one.


    • Thanks for reading Linda..I really thought you might not..My belief in God was instilled in me of course as a child..but at some point I guess I decided for myself. Let’s say as far as ‘need to believe’…that without it there is not direction or purpose to any of life…We’re just random mortals on this earth for what?

      I think for your mother to address ‘faith’ in a way that made you feel you were flawed was wrong. You must have had questions that were never addressed about God or the Catholic Church that you were raised in. It’s too bad she didn’t ask you about those feelings.

      There was not a time when I didn’t believe in God BUT I did call out to Him when I was going through depression and other really difficult situations.and asked Him why He didn’t just ‘zap’ me and make me wake up the next day without the depression. And then there was a difficult period in our marriage and I asked Him ‘Why’??

      In both cases I felt Him with me but it wasn’t until later as I looked back at circumstances that I saw there was a purpose in everything…and even though I know you’re not a believer…I will tell you that one of my favourite scriptures is “all things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose”…..His purpose is not necessarily what I would have called ‘my purpose’.

      So as far as the depression went…I was finally freed of it only about 4 years ago…but during the years of it and after I have been able to share and encourage others and empathize…really feel with them and I believe that in doing so have helped some others through it and not to feel alone in their darkness.

      As far as our marriage situation it was made stronger than it ever was before and our commitment to each other that we made on the day we were married was now unshakable as was our faith that it was God that brought us through it because to all intents and purposes we shouldn’t be still together.

      I hope you don’t mind that I went into detail…or offended by anything I said….But there you have it in a nutshell…’faith’…..Diane


      • Thanks for the insightful response. I still feel as if I am flawed for not believing in a god. I feel I got through my depression through work I did and through working with a great therapist. Your therapist just happens to be your god, and your therapy (I’m assuming a little here) was prayer. You feel your are strong because of your faith, yet I (mostly) feel strong because I have faith in myself.

        I believe in the practice of Buddhism. It makes me feel connected to the whole world, not just one entity. I don’t buy into the entire reincarnation thing, but have my own interpretation of it. I love to read the Dalai Lama. He gives me hope just by his peaceful presence.

        I think I know what you mean about marriage trouble. My H had a two year affair that I knew of from the beginning. That was a really rough patch in my life. But today we are still together, because I believe in my marriage vows (which were never delivered in a church) and wanted to stay married. Hell I didn’t want to break in a new man at 45! Again, I credit myself and my H with being able to be honest with each other during this time. I also thank the universe for sending good information my way and finding the support I needed.

        I guess I’m saying, to the world, don’t hate me or think less of me because I’m an atheist. I love my country and my family just like a religious person. I think you know that,Diane, but not everyone does.


        • Oh don’t get me wrong Linda…I had therapists galore…but finally one that ‘got me’ …The thing is I had to go to a small town and meet a doctor who ‘happened’ to be a Christian and who just happened to have finished the CBT course …But you’re right prayer was involved too. And I also have faith in myself …I guess though I feel that is God given also…

          I’m sorry you still feel ‘flawed’ and for the reason you mentioned.

          And you’re right also that I do know how much you love your family and your country and I have come to consider you a real friend..whether or not we agree on our religious beliefs. I think maybe that says a lot about both of us…..Diane


  4. Congratulations, Diane. 🙂
    I heard once that those who have gone through trials are great healers (of souls) that is. The wisdom they earned form life’s adversities give their words extra value and meaning. Because you have gone through much, you are in a better position than others to inspire others. 🙂


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