This is the post I meant to reblog last week I believe…It’s one that I did earlier in my blogging days….in April


I’ve been looking back at some things that I wrote years ago…or things related. Some may be poems..strictly amateurish but from the heart. So I’m going to blog some of them. This is the first one, and was written when my children were young and I was suffering from depression off and on…mostly on to one degree or another. There are actually two poems, written in the same year but months apart. I will include the word ‘Memories’ when blogging about something from the past.


As I sit back and relax

And look back on my day

Of the things I have  done..

Have I done the right way?

I scurry and hurry,

Do this and do that,

Have I dusted the table?

Have I let out the cat?

The washing is in

But oh, what is the time?

Have I got in the roast?

Is that the…

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