Sleep, Sleep Wherefore Art Thou Sleep???

The evening is here

And I want so to sleep

The tiredness calls

To a level so deep

My eyes want to close

My limbs are so weak

But the mind is a whirl

My energy meek

The nights they drag on

For one reason or more

The thought of respite

Drains me to the core

I will overcome

The answer is near

At least so I hope

Because sleep is so dear…..

18 thoughts on “Sleep, Sleep Wherefore Art Thou Sleep???

  1. Praying for peaceful, restful sleep. Have you tried keeping a notebook and having a set time to write down all your worries? I’ve heard that this can help you stop going over and over problems when you are meant to be sleeping. Good luck xx


  2. Hi Diane — so sorry to hear about your insomnia — I’m glad you are going to your doctor soon. If it helps at all, I can only sleep if I go for a really long walk everyday. If I skip it, I either have trouble going to sleep or I don’t sleep soundly. If you are able to do that, it might help. And I loved the poem!


    • Thanks Linda…There are several things that seem to hinder me…but I have been thinking that I should get out and walk a bit whenever I can…With my legs and MS I can’t walk too long but short ones I should try….Diane


  3. Diane, you know this means you need a little medicine help! nothing wrong with it.just call the doctor or go see him/her! I am seeing the new neurologist in the am -will let you know if they decide I am crazy or not-I am beginning to think that’s what my last one thought!


    • Hi Cindy ..I do have meds for some issues…I see the doctor next week and I bring up the biggy…re pains in hands at night and of course how tired I am..I will hope to see a neuro from there…The other things I’ll have to bring up and tackle separately..can’t get everything looked into at once….Thanks…Hope your visit goes well….Diane


    • Thanks ….It will get straightened out I’m sure.It’s just that there are so many issues it seems around a good night’s sleep and I am weary. I will see the doctor in one more week and then maybe she’ll send me to a neuro about the pains in my hands and numbness and fatigue where you get so tired it’s overtired..There are other things too that are less significant like my nose….. closing up and then I can’t wear the CPAP for the apnea but all put together and I almost dread going to bed which is a vicious circle…the osteo arthritis doesn’t help either….Oh I whining and venting again but i do know that you don’t mind….you never do….’this too shall pass’….Diane.


      • Diane, I saw the mention a Cpap. you don’t have to deal with that anymore. they now make orthdonitic pieces for your mouth that actually work in aleveating thesleep apnea. My numbers were very high incidents/per/hour. Now they are 6 per/hr


        • Thanks for the thought…Actually when my nose doesn’t get plugged up the CPAP while it has it’s limitations…is okay.. I always thought the problem with my nose was environmental allergies but now I’m thinking it’s something else…maybe also need to see an ENT…guy..What a challenge!!


      • That’s so difficult Diane! You are not whining, you’re suffering. I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope the doc is able to do something so that you can get some relief. My heart and thoughts are with you. xo


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