The Book Unwritten

Today’s Prompt is Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket. This is about a young woman born in 1904, who when she was only 16 and lived on a farm in rural Ontario, Canada, fell in love and married a young man who  she loved very much.  They began their family right away which in the end was to be 10 children. It would have been 12 except for the loss of 2 more babies at birth. This woman was my mother. Little did my mother know what her life would be like. The man that she married should never have been a father. At some point, perhaps even from the beginning, he had an addiction to alcohol and gambling. These vices were to be an important factor in her life. While he did work, and they could have had a fairly financially stable life, even through the World War 2 years and things were very tough, my father unfortunately spent a lot of what should have been for the home, on his previously mentioned vices. It fell on my mother to ensure that the family which increased in numbers, received the necessities of life by taking on miscellaneous jobs, to fill the gap between what my father gave the household and what was needed. It also fell on her to raise the children, as my father had little to no interest in this regard. My oldest sister and firstborn said once to me, that he never once held his children and told them he loved them. I only met my father when I was older as he had left the home by the time I was born. This book will tell of her hopes, challenges, disappointments and successes. Perhaps the most important thing she did for each of her children was to instill in each of them that God loved them, and encouraged each to find and accomplish their dreams.

9 thoughts on “The Book Unwritten

    • I would never be able to write enough to make a book..I have stories and memories of my own years…but as I was the last of the ‘ten’ I don’t have memories of those years. Only what was told to me. ..but she was a strong woman with a lot of determination and faith…Diane


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