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Today’s prompt is Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you’d fix it today.

There was a situation that happened when I was working at my last place of employment. Of course it was many years ago but it is still fresh in my mind.

The president of the organization was holding meetings to get input from staff over anything they would like to bring up as an issue. I had determined to raise a subject and I mentioned it to others in my department. It doesn’t matter what that was, but what happened thereafter. One person in my area did not ‘like’ me because as her supervisor I had corrected her in a procedure she was not adhering to and she had flatly told me she didn’t agree with it. Even though I explained that while she might not agree, nevertheless it was a policy in place and she should be following it. From that moment on she carried quite a grudge towards me.

To shorten the story I will just say she quietly sabotaged me when it came to this meeting that employees were to have with the president, and because of her actions the whole department was called the next day into the meeting room whereby “I” the unspoken name was severely chastised because of the information he received about what I was going to raise as an issue….which in fact I hadn’t done because I was advised by my ‘Manager’ and even ‘Director’ NOT to bring up so I did not attend the meeting.  And the information that he received that I was going to raise was incorrect as well.

As the whole department was at this called meeting I heard things being said that were untrue and very hurtful about ‘this person’ who thought they were the conscience of the organization…and on and on. I stood there and listened and yet did not say anything at the time in defense of myself, or to ‘contradict’ this man who could have been embarrassed if I had done so. I greatly respected him.

However, after the meeting I was so upset that I told my manager I had to go home. She knew and understood why I was feeling so awful.

Again to shorten this post I will say that the person responsible apologized profusely for her part in what occurred and I accepted her apology and we became friends. But the thing I would put right is, that I would have confronted the president ….and explained how things had been misconstrued and his beliefs were incorrect. Instead, I was again instructed to not do so because it would only complicate matters further.

However, I held the hurt and felt the injustice every day almost that I continued working there until retiring on disability. This was a matter of at least three years. This was also a time when I was fighting depression and silently I had the M.S. also although not yet diagnosed.

After retiring I contacted the…then past president and did clear the matter up and he was very sorry that it had happened and asked for forgiveness for his part which of course I gave without hesitation.

If I had done what I wanted in the first place, and approached him to clarify things I would not have suffered so much for so long.

The moral of the story is…that sometimes despite advice from others…even those who are above you in authority, if you feel in your heart you should do what it tells you to do, then DO it!

14 thoughts on “DP Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ Set it to Rights

  1. Diane,

    As difficult as it may be at the time…. I believe that honesty, delivered with the right attitude, is always the best route. Sad to say EVERYONE of us has a similar story in our life where we failed to be open and transparent and we ended up hurting because of it. Believe me Diane, you are not the only one! Lord bless you. Thanks for a great reminder for us all.


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