DP Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ Changing History

Today’s Prompt Go back in time to an event you think could have played out differently for you. Let alternate history have its moment: tell us what could, would or should have happened?

I’ll go back to the year marked by 28 years of marriage. It was a turning point in my life and my husband’s. We had weathered all 28 years of various trials and challenges of marriage. We had three children who we loved with our whole hearts but they were grown now and responsible for themselves

Every marriage is tested to some point and ours’ was no exception. We were both Christian and not exempt from the problems and stresses of daily life. While some of the issues during our years together involved my depression, there were other issues that were more outstanding at this particular time.  And a decision about whether or not to continue in our marriage had to be made.

Some people assume that if you’ve been married 49 years that somehow everything must have been smooth and our love must have protected us from ever having anything serious enter into our lives.

But every marriage I believe has the same troublesome issues arise…financial, health, raising of children, work, time constraints , social…and the list goes on. I think there are so many young married couples……Christian and Non-Christian…who do not communicate well to each other….who don’t express their needs and hurts. And so keep them hidden inside ….until they think that the problem lies with the fact that they just can’t get past the issues…..and that they should probably not stay married. Instead they believe they will find that ‘perfect’ person with whom they are completely compatible and then they will be happy and the second marriage will most certainly be better.

In certain cases difficulties within a marriage are such that I believe that it isn’t right or good to stay in it. These reasons can be a result of abuse or other serious matters. But I’m not going to go into when or why I think this may be necessary .

What I am going to say is that the decision made after being married 28 years was that we would remain married and try to make the rest of our lives the ‘best’ of our lives. We have both grown so much since then and so has our love and respect and devotion for each other.

Had the decision been not to do so, I would be sitting here writing this post without my husband beside me. I would have missed out on so much between that year so long ago and now. My life would most certainly be so very different!

10 thoughts on “DP Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ Changing History

  1. I feel like a newlywed in comparison with only 18 years under my belt, but we have had to make that decision already too. Marriage is often difficult, with both people growing and changing, often away from each other. I guess when we are younger it seemed so much easier. So far we keep rediscovering the reason we are together, so I hope it continues.


    • 18 years is a long time too especially in light of the fact many do not even attempt to make it past the first few…and you’re right we are constantly changing individuals..I guess we have to remember to tell our spouse so they are prepared somewhat..lol….Diane


  2. Beautiful and especially meaningful to me today. My husband and I will be married 32 years tomorrow. It is hard work to be married. I am so glad that you and your husband decided to make things work and are better for it. You are an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. OXOX


    • Thanks Ellie..I do think ‘communication’ and effort are the keys…If people put as much effort into their marriage as other things such as their profession and other things….then maybe more marriages wouldn’t end in divorce…Diane


  3. wow 18! yes the word divorce in our marriage is not an option, if there was abuse it would be of course. anyway our first year of marriage was hell on earth. long story but had we not known for certain by the miraculous way God put us together that he did, we would not still be together. i’m so thankful we are. i’m glad you both are too!


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