It’s been a Year!

Well, it’s now been one year since I began blogging and I thought I’d share a bit of what this has brought into my life.

When I began, I did so with trepidation as I really didn’t know what all was involved. I followed the instructions to set up the account but didn’t know what all the links on the ‘dashboard’ meant. And to be honest I thought that since I just wanted to write and see what I had hidden inside of me waiting to come out, I didn’t bother learning about them. I didn’t know how important ‘tags’ were at the time with others finding your blog and so I didn’t even use them.

I really thought that maybe at some point I might meet somebody through blogging that I had something in common with, but I wasn’t sure how that would happen. Then several months after writing I actually got a comment on one of my blogs. How excited I was.  I think at some point I used ‘tags’ occasionally after reading about them, but I wasn’t consistent. I decided to search and started to read other people’s blogs and got into a couple of interesting online conversation. Before too long I started to get more …what is called ‘traffic’ on Word Press. This is what is the result.

I have learned about crafts, birds, recipe’s, poetry, fiction writing, eating disorders, mental illnesses, abuse,  narcissism and so much more. I have met people from all parts of the world …United States, Australia, Africa, Cayman Islands, Great Britain, Israel …of course Canada also where I am from..and others as well.

There has been a growth in my knowledge of things and people. My Christian faith has increased because of my contacts.  I’ve learned that people are struggling with so many issues and I have grown to care so much for so many.

So for those of you reading this blog, know that I am an enriched and blessed person because of you. For those of you that I regularly blog with and are hurting because of past or present issues, know that my hope and prayer for you is that soon you find the answers and the peace that you so need.

Thank you so much for the encouragement always given when I have needed it. You have been like an extended family to me and I treasure the warmth and love sent my way.

So, I will see what this next year holds in store for me and for you, and look forward to a continued ‘blogging relationship’ with you all.

18 thoughts on “It’s been a Year!

  1. Congratulations.
    With as many awards and followers I thought you had been doing this for years. My year is coming up January 1st since it was my newyears resolution to start a blog.
    Is there any tips you can give to us bloggers to build up more traffic? I have personally worked at tags, enjoy following other blogs, and linking to all other social networks, but almost a year later have not even 10 followers.


    • Hi Pamela..I am humbled because there are so many long-time bloggers and even Newbies who have far more ‘traffic’ than I do. I show a lot of followers but they don’t all follow regularly or make comments or ‘likes’..(they may view). But I will say that most of mine come from my ‘About’ page. I haven’t looked to see yours’..and I have it set that if someone just comes to ‘look’ at my site.’ a specific post) the settings are such that it brings them first to my home page and then go from there to either most recent blogs or archives and then they choose what month to look at….Tags are important …I’ve found that out. Occasionally like this one I reblog old posts because I didn’t use tags properly then and did not have a lot of views….

      Don’t know if that helps or not! …Diane


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