There is a Difference

I’m sorry but there’s just one more point regarding the ‘move’ that has been on my mind and I’d like to share.

In all that we’ve gone through in the past two months with moving something has become evident to me.

There is a difference between depression and being just plain tired, frustrated and somewhat discouraged. I believe that we were meant to move and  things are coming together. But if I look at the difficulties that came about during this process I could think that we had made a mistake and that we were going against God’s will.  Not only were there a lot of last-minute errors and confusion but the work involved was far more than we would ever have imagined. I know that many of you were praying for us during this time, and so at the time I wasn’t sure why all these things were happening.

Our patience was tried so many times with the situation and even between my husband and I. We downsized to a Mobile Home as we didn’t want to go into an apartment. This was hard work to decide what to do with all of our excesses. Even this brought about a conflict because of a misunderstanding between us and another member of our family. It was cleared up so that there was not any irreparable damage done, but it is only one more factor in the process.

Because of the tension my nerves did get the better of me and others noticed this as well. I had the distinct impression that some thought I was headed for depression again. I voiced this to my husband and said it bothered me because I knew the difference between what I was experiencing and ‘depression’. He tried to console me and said that he didn’t believe it to be the case and not to worry about it. But I must say that for a very short period of time, I wondered if they were right.

I now know that while I am so very tired…because of the move but also because I have been feeling an extreme fatigue since the spring….that indeed ‘depression’ is not present in my being. There is not the despair that goes with it.  Some of you know that I have M.S. and I definitely believe that there is a flare-up because the fatigue is the same as I felt when I first was diagnosed and the move just exacerbated it.

I guess this post is just to clear my mind and to say that those who have suffered from depression and have climbed as far out of it as I have, may need to trust a little more that even though there are times we may think we are falling back ….we aren’t. We’re just human and we can have bad days (or in this case,  months) like anyone else.

And as far as the prayers that were said on our behalf…don’t think for a moment that God wasn’t with us. Because every problem we had, was solved. If God hadn’t been with us, all of them could have potentially been more of a concern than they were. When we ran into a difficult situation we prayed and asked Him to help us find a solution and without fail He most certainly did. Life is not always easy and Christians are no different from anyone else.

The only difference is that we had the Lord to see us through.  I thought this scripture was relevant.

Proverbs 3:5-8

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek his will in all you do,
and he will show you which path to take.

Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom.
Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil.
Then you will have healing for your body
and strength for your bones.

23 thoughts on “There is a Difference

  1. *hugs* I hope that by now, things have settled down, and that you have had a chance to rest. Things sound like they have been so frustrating and mixed up and just going wrong. I feel for you.
    I totally agree that stress and depression are completely utterly not the same thing. *hugs* and prayers, my friend xxx


  2. I hope you are at the point in your move where you can rest now. I am dreading ou moves this winter. First, we have to move our inlaws into a smaller home ( they aren’t able to participate or help) and then we move ourselves. I’ve already had 2 exacerbation s this year and I worry that this will bring about something even worse. Keep your fingers crossed. I hope you feel better soon.


    • That’s a big challenge ahead. I hope you will have ‘many’ hands to help you even thought your husband’s parent can’t. You must try to realize that ‘you’ have to pace yourself so you don’t overdo it. I’ll definitely pray for the process and for you….Diane


        • I’d really like to say I feel better but this fatigue is getting the better of me re motivation and energy etc. but we see our new GP next Monday…and I’ll be telling her and see what she says…I hope you’re feeling a little less blah…Is your husband home now or soon?…Diane


            • I haven’t completely been able to yet…caught up yesterday on two + weeks washing…but I am tapering off. ..I so just want to feel …I was going to say ‘normal’ but not sure any more what that is lol…you..take care…sorry for ‘moaning’…Diane


              • Diane you’re not moaning, your suffering right now, and I/we are here to support you as much as you support all of us. i know what it feels like to long to feel “normal” it’s okay to feel that. maybe if you let yourself be honest (with yourself) how you feel, is when things will start to ease up some.
                you are hard on yourself too. xo
                be gentle. i’m glad you’re going to slow down today! xo


          • oh yes, Hubby is home, he got home yesterday afternoon. he helped a lot with how i was feeling. he had some really good perspective which helped me see things differently. i was beating myself up agian in some ways without knowing it.
            i’m so glad he’s home.
            it’s a constant adjustment with him being gone for a week and then home for a week. Each time he goes I and comes back i have to readjust too, and i’m not finding it very easy.
            i wish he could just find a job in town so he could be home every night…it’s too much change for me…yet i’m thankful he has a job.


  3. I am glad you’re ok. Praise and thanks be to God for seeing you through.

    Your post is inspiring. Oh, you don’t know how the verse of the Holy Scripture that you quoted lifted me up. It just reminded me that the ways I know and want may not be the ways of our All Wise and Loving God.

    God bless you and your husband, Diane. 🙂


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