30 Question Challenge Numbers 21 to 30

I decided to take a break from packing and give myself a diversion by finishing the 30 question challenge.

“I actually started it awhile ago and am just finishing today. Wednesday is the big ‘moving’ day. Maybe then things will get back to normal..at least after a few days of settling in.”

21. How you hope your future will be like. This is very apropos since we are moving. I hope we settle in to our new home and have a chance to see our children and grandchildren more.

22. Your academics. I think I’ve mentioned before but due to circumstances within my family I only obtained Grade 10 education and then was working when I was 16 full-time. Through experience in each job that I had however, I gained enough knowledge so that I became eventually the Manager of a department and then assistant to a director. That is difficult I think to do that today and higher education is needed.

23. Something you miss. Even though it says ‘something’ I couldn’t think of anything really but if the question was ‘someone’ ..I would say that I miss my mother and the talks we had and the wisdom she shared with not only me, but all of her children. I miss all of my siblings also. Seven have died ….five of them because of cancer.

24. Five words/phrases that make you laugh. 1. When a small child talks to me with all of their innocence. 2. When my dog plays 3. Many things my husband jokes around saying. 4. When voice mail says press 1 for this and then press 2 for that etc etc. Usually they never have a selection that fits my reason for calling. 5. When someone says ” I’ll call you sometime” and you know they won’t! ..These questions are tough…When I tried to think of a specific word or phrase my ‘little gray cells’ went blank! Oh that made me laugh!…because my little gray cells go blank a lot!

25. Something you’re currently worrying about. I guess it would have to be that since we’re downsizing so much, that there is room for everything that we have decided to take with us. I am so tired it’s difficult to think straight.

26. Things you like and dislike about yourself. I dislike the fact I don’t read enough anymore, but plan to start soon again. I like the fact that I am comfortable with who I am. There were many years that I was not content and constantly found fault with myself.

27. A quote you try to live by. “Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.”

28. Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit. Well, I’ve always wanted to go to Aruba and for our 50th Anniversary next year my husband and I are planning a trip there for a week.

29. Five weird things that you like.  I like to imagine what people’s lives are like …strangers I see in differentplaces. …And you know what….even though I’d ‘like’ to answer this question my mind again is blank with 5 things that are ‘weird’ that I like. Now ask me about weird things I dislike and I may be able to come up with a few…..maybe???

30. One thing you’re excited for. I get excited still as a child does (well maybe not quite)…. at Christmas. I love everything about it. The real meaning of course….Jesus born in a manger….. the way people are different at Christmas and treat each other better, buying gifts for others and trying to get just the right thing, and receiving gifts…the decorations….the music….just everything about it.

6 thoughts on “30 Question Challenge Numbers 21 to 30

  1. I am praising God. I just read the post where you said your old house sold. That is awesome.

    I’d have a hard time thinking of a sprcific phrase that makes me laugh. But our youngest children do come up with funny things on a regular basis.


    • Yes we certainly did sell quickly which in the end turned out to be a bit stressful but we are now in our new home and will take time to settle in…And kids DO say the ‘darnedest things’ like Art Linkletter used to say…if you remember him?? …Diane


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