Absent Without Leave

This is a very short note to say that with moving and all the details that have to be looked after, I will be absent quite a bit in the blogging arena for the next couple of weeks.

So, if I’m not able to get to reading very much or commenting, it doesn’t mean you’re not in my thoughts.

We’re away for the next three days and I won’t have my computer at all. Boy will that seems strange. So take care and I’ll try to catch up ‘some’ when I get back.

I should mention that I and many of you prayed that our house would not take too long to sell and the Lord certainly heard and answered as it sold completely and ‘firm’ in three weeks. But the buyers needed early closing at the end of October, so that’s why everything is so rushed right now. As some of you know we are really down-sizing and so have to determine what we can keep and how to dispose of what we can’t.

Take care!……Diane

24 thoughts on “Absent Without Leave

  1. I am glad that your house sold quickly. 🙂 I wish you well in the transfer – an exciting time, and a daunting time too. I can just imagine the packing and unpacking and arranging and re-arranging that you need to do. Take your time. I wish you and your husband all the best in your new place.


  2. I’ll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers as usual – but with special ones added for your move! Just remember, it will be over with soon, and then you will have a new home to make yours. It felt like a fresh start when I finally had moved at the beginning of this year – almost as good as a holiday (and who doesn’t need one after all that stress of packing and moving etc!)
    I’m sure that God put a lot of deep thought into where He led you to live from here on – and that it will be a wonderful place for you to be, and everyone who is to be a new neighbour of yours is also in for a treat, when they meet you 🙂
    Don’t worry about blogging – priorities!! *hugs* xx


    • Thanks for encouraging words and of course prayers that are so needed…God was in it for sure the way everything fell into place so quickly…I also hope to meet some new neighbors to have as new friends…I will be popping in from time to time during these next 2-3 weeks but not for next 3 days at all…so take care…Diane


      • God is always with you. And I’m thinking of you and sending love and strength!! Hang in there, it’s a great new start for you but it’s also a huge thing to get through! xx


  3. We will miss you, but will keep you and your husband in our prayers as the moving gets under way. It is amazing that the house sold so quickly. Now we can pray for an easy transition to your new home. Blessings! Jamie 🙂


      • i don’t envy you, i hope you can find some time to rest when you need it! i’m happy for you that you’ll both be closer to family! how is your dog?


        • That’s the one thing that’s extra hard right now..I have fatigue back that I believe is related to my MS. I had it when first diagnosed and now I seem to be having some kind of flare-up….My husband is going to have the brunt of the work…I will do what I can but I feel so useless ….We took Koko in today for blood tests to see how his liver enzymes are…and if they’ve gone up again…but we’re away till the weekend so won’t hear till Monday what they are. Hope your little pooch is getting better….Diane


          • That’s so hard! Here’s praying you receive super natural strength to make it through this move.
            I hope the news will be good in regards to Koko (cute name btw.)
            Our pooch is sedated and still feisty these Dachshunds are tough dogs lol


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