30 Question Challenge Numbers 11 to 20

Here is the second of three posts on the 30 questions. 11-20

11. ‘Family’  From a family of 10, I was the last born. We have 3 children 2 sons and a daughter and 8 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter. They are the reason that we are moving so that we can perhaps be a more vital part of their lives. I might add that family is so important to me.

12. Five Guys you find attractive.. This is hard for me because when you reach my age you look at those you love and find your attraction in them….my husband and my sons. If I was to choose anyone I like, the actor who plays The Mentalist…whose name even escapes me now. I like the twinkle in his eyes. This was a tough one for me to answer.

13. My body and how comfortable I feel in it….I guess I would say that my body is that of a woman who has lived 67 years…somewhat overweight which I’d like to work on, but I am okay with it.

14. What you wore today...I wore jeans and a top.

15. Your zodiac horoscope …..My horoscope of course I know and that is Cancer. Does it fit me? I used to read them for fun and parts of it do, but I have to say that I don’t believe in Astrology for telling me things about myself or how I should live. As a Christian I look to God for that.

16. Something you think ‘what if’ about.… What if I had never married who I did and never had the life that I have now…

17. Something you’re proud of...I guess there are many things that I could say…but I will say that I am proud that even though I was only through circumstances, able to attain a Grade 10 education that I worked and learned and applied myself and  eventually became a Manager of a department and then Assistant to a Director, showing myself that I wasn’t illiterate just because I couldn’t have a higher education.

18. A problem that you have had...Most of you that are familiar with my blog know that I suffered depression on and off for most of my adult life and only  in the past very few years have become free from it. Also I have off course the Multiple Sclerosis that I deal with as well.

19. Five items I lust after.…Wow…okay but it’s not really lust..sorry… Cherry Cheese Cake, trips to various countries, warm sunny weather, good companionship, peace in my heart….These answers probably are somewhat less than expected but it’s the best I could do.

20. Your fears My fears….I have faced and I feel conquered with the help of God….that I would never be able to live life without the darkness that pervaded my very being for so many years of my life. On the lighter side….my fear in doing this challenge that it would be so boring. I’ve read others’ that are far more interesting or humorous……Maybe I can make the last 10 a bit more interesting???

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