30 Question Challenge- First ten Answers

I‘m going to answer 10 questions each in three Posts.

1. Five ways to win my heart…1. Be kind and gentle to animals. 2. Have a smile on your face ( I realize this is hard if you’re going through hard times…but try) 3. Be polite and kind to those who need it.. ie everyone ! 4. Give me two tickets to somewhere in Europe… 5. Accept me flaws and all!

2. Something you feel strong about… I’d have to say abuse  of animals and what is allowed to happen to them with little or no consequence. We need tougher laws!

3. A Book you love  I am so hoping to get a Kindle in the next couple of months so I will start reading again. I haven’t read any significant books recently. But as I am a Christian I will say the Bible.

4. Bullet your whole day. Get up, have tea and toast or cereal, sit with husband and watch t.v. ..starts usually with game shows…read blogs, get dressed,do menial tasks, have light lunch, go out shopping if necessary, read blogs and other emails, knit (not complicated) have dinner, watch tv read blogs, watch news, go to bed (pretty boring stuff)

5. Things you want to say to an ex  I only had one ‘ex’ as I met my husband when I was 15 so to the only one I had… I would say that you were kind and gentle and I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

6. Your views on mainstream music… I’m afraid for the most part I think it’s loud and most times I can’t understand the words that they’re singing. Having said that there are some wonderful artists that sing beautifully.

7. Five Pet Peeves  1. People who are two-faced…say one thing to someone and something quite different to another. 2. People who lie 3. Again I have to say people who abuse their pets or other animals. 4. People who drive erratically and cut you off. 5. People who don’t really ‘listen’ to what you’re saying.

8. What you ate today ..So far just tea and toast and orange juice but we’re going to my nephew’s wedding and they are having turkey for dinner…as it is our Thanksgiving weekend.

9. How important you think education today is. Education nowadays is a must to have a career I think. Having said that if a person wants to do a job and is content with one that does not take a post high school education I think it is up to them. Not everyone is cut out to be an ‘executive’ or the like. I must say that I only graduated Grade 10 as it was impossible financially to go further. But with each job I had I gained knowledge and experience and eventually ended up Manager of a department and then Assistant to a Director…so it ‘was’ possible to grow into a higher position. I don’t think it’s easy to do that now though. I’m a ‘senior’ so that was quite a number of years ago.

10. Put your music player on ‘shuffle’ and write the first 10 songs... I’m sorry but I don’t even know what ‘shuffle’ is. I only have cd’s that I play. I’ll just say that I like Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Anne Murray, Big Band Music, Elvis (I’m from the era) The Beatles, Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow  and some others which are of today’s music but names escape me for now.

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