Very Very Short Post

Well, my woes are over regarding the problem I had with my email notifications and comments. If you remember I was getting all ‘instant’ notifications of new posts of those I’m following …and comments from bloggers ‘from’ one particular blogger.

Yesterday while checking for something else in my email address book I found the name of that ‘blog name’ not their email name but the blog name…in my address book. How it got there and why any other emails I received other than from WP bloggers were not affected ….I will never understand. And even weirder, I had looked before in my address book and didn’t see it.

It’s funny ‘coincidental that when I decided to stop fretting over the problem and just accept it for now, and having prayed about it that I ‘accidentally’ found the problem.  I deleted the blog name from the address book and this morning ‘problem gone’.

I thanked the Lord, because I knew that it was because I ‘finally’ prayed and left the frustration alone, that I found out what it was.

Thanks for all the comments and support and suggestions received from so many of you. It was really nice of you to be concerned.






13 thoughts on “Very Very Short Post

  1. Oh, I am so glad it was figured out! Isn’t that the way of things- we fret, but once we let go things just “happen” to work out?


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