Totally Exasperated!

I’m writing this because I am just so exasperated at finding out what is wrong with my instant  email notifications…. and comments still being under one person’s blog name.

Word Press has been tying to help me but they don’t seem to know what to do. Now they are saying it is a problem of my email provider and gave me an explanation but it does not make any sense, because all this started when I read this person’s blog and all of a sudden everything was coming in under that name. However, I did contact my email provider and now await their reaction.

The WP techs have been very nice about it and asking me to send them ‘all headers’ information and a Screen Shot…but either I’m doing something wrong or the information I send is being gobbled up in cyberspace because they say they didn’t get it.  I’ve redone it several times and it isn’t returned and it shows as being sent!

I guess I’m also writing this to say this has taken up a lot of time and so reading many blogs or heaven forbid write one (except this one of course) has been near impossible.

I will get caught up eventually but this is one part of blogging that has got me really frazzled.

Thanks for listening to my vent….Diane

32 thoughts on “Totally Exasperated!

  1. I get a lot of comments from a blog I read a long time ago, but I think I get all the comments because I hit the email me button after making my comment. I’ll open my email and have 15 comments from the one blog on any given day.

    I don’t have time to search it out or switch it, I just delete them.

    I think domain names are relatively inexpensive these days. I know that if you need to pay for your own hosting, you can do so with hostgater or godaddy for around 3.95 or 4.95 per month to start out. Then there is just the fee for wordpress.

    Course if this started from a comment you made, or clicking something on someone’s blog, then that can happen whether your blog is free or you are paying for it, I’d think.

    Haven’t been around for a while, hope you’re doing fine other than these situations. (I do know it got resolved recently)


    • Hi…thanks for commenting…Yes the problem finally resolved just yesterday.. I used to have the problem you’re referring to and I can tell you how to fix it quite easily….re getting ‘all’ comments from a blog

      Go to your dashboard. There is a ‘W” on the upper left hand side. Hover over it and you will see options to click on.

      The one you want is ‘Reader’ Click on it. You will see in small print ‘Edit List” click on it. You will receive a list of all the blogs you follow and three columns.

      In the first column you have a drop down menu which gives you the option of selecting whether you want notifications Daily,Weekly, Instantly or Never (via email)

      BUT the the second column is where you receive ALL comments on a particular blog….UNCHECK the ones that have a check mark beside them and that will stop you from getting all comments.

      Hope that helps you…..Diane


      • Thanks bunches. I fixed it.Most I had at never already, but a few slipped through the cracks and those posted daily.

        I like having the reader, then I can go and comment when I want and it’s still all at my fingertips when I have time to do it.

        I just need to make time to take care of those things, and ‘blog hop’ on a regular basis, so I can get feedback in return.

        Thanks again for your help.0


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    • Thank you…it really is…Now I am waiting (still) for ‘Thunderbird’ to contact me…but I don’t see it as them …I still maintain that WP should be able to help…anyway I’ve decided not to over stress about it but to deal with it until ‘whenever’…Diane


  3. I’m so sorry, Diane, this blog is obviously a hugely important thing for you in your health and happiness and I hope it gets sorted out asap! Actually I get frustrated with the lack of ability to contact actual people with wordpress, facebook, google/gmail, etc. It means when problems happen, they are very hard to get sorted out. Good luck, sending hugs and keeping you in my prayers. Maybe it would be a good idea to disable wordpress email notifications and just rely on logging in and clicking your comment notification on the top of your page?


    • I can get the notifications by checking of Daily and they say Daily Digest with the right name but not the subject of the post …which would be okay

      But then the comments I get from people come under the wrong bloggers name. Once I click on it I know who it’s from but it’s just so confusing. I used to keep a folder for some comments made but now it’s useless as they all appear to be from the one blogger.

      Is there a way to only get “comments” via the dashboard.What do I do to change it? At this point I am so confused…One of the symptoms that I have from my MS is cognitive and thinking and reasoning (and memory) skills and this is really making me crazy as I’m trying to do what WP told me to..waiting for Thunderbird to contact me and just trying to work it all out in my mind…Sorry to vent to you…I’m just worn out….Diane


      • Vent all you want to me, Diane – and if you ever want to talk more, you have my email (from my comments) or I can email you if you wish – I’m not always online, but my inbox is always open. *hugs*


    • Thanks ….now I’m trying to get ahold of someone at my email server…and they don’t make it easy to find..I think my very nice computer guy is going to get a call from me to try and help me figure this out…I’m not computer literate enough I don’t not think…know !!! Diane


  4. Thanks….It doesn’t look like WP will pursue this as they (the tech) says I should ask my email provider as he says he is sure it must be their problem…Thing is I did contact them and have heard nothing back…so hard…big sigh…I shall persevere ….Diane


  5. Oh my gosh! No wonder you are frazzled. I hope you get it fixed soon. Is there any way you set up a new gmal account and have everything forwarded to it? It’s pretty simple to do. Well anyway, good luck Diane. I hope you get if fixed soon.


  6. I have to consider something if in the next day or two it’s not resolved..It’s affecting my nerves and concentration. Can you email me details of what’s involved and approximate cost. I wonder if they could assure me that the problem won’t carry over to that site? I am likely asking the impossible…Diane


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