She’s Adorable and She’s Gone Home

Nanny with Rylee

Well, it’s been a long time since I have been in the company of a small child for more than a couple of hours. But for a week my husband and I had the company of our great-granddaughter and her mother, our granddaughter.

Because it’s been awhile I had forgotten that a 4-year-old just enjoys every minute of every day. She never stopped.  Before she came I made sure that I visited our ‘Dollar Store’ to pick up some various things that might interest her. I bought some crayons, coloring book, play doh, word and picture game, clock and time cards etc. We brought up a little table and stool from the basement so she had her own place to play.

When she arrived, she was a bit shy with us as in her 4 years we’ve only seen her 2 or three times a year probably. I was hoping during the few days she was with us, we would get a chance to ‘bond’ a little.

It wasn’t long before she was sitting at the little table and wanting to do everything at once almost. First the play doh for a time and then wanting to know what everything else was.  And so I would explain and go through the time cards, and the word cards etc. If I had forgotten that a small child wants to repeat everything over and over again, I was soon reminded.

She watched some cartoons and played on her little electronic learning game she has. I was astounded (shouldn’t have been) at the fact this little girl was already introduced to an electronic gadget. But I guess it’s a sign of the times!

We took them to our local ‘ribfest’ where she went on a few rides…I had to go on one with her as her Mom couldn’t. Oh and a little temporary tattoo of the little Mermaid.

The next day we went to the ‘Donkey Rescue Farm’ where we met 30 or so donkeys that had been rescued from abuse by the wonderful Christian lady who operates it totally by herself and relies on private individual donations.

On the following  day we went to a small community that has an old-fashioned 1920’s merry-go-round complete with the musical organ that was original also.

We didn’t go too many other places other than our beach where she played in the sand and water for hours. Her Mom took her there another day too by herself, as she really liked the beach and the park area. Oh, and we had bought her a new beach towel with you guessed it…’Justin Bieber’s’ picture on it which brought forth quite a cute smile on her little face!

I had forgotten how many questions a 4-year-old asks or the things they say that are so innocent and cute. It was so special to have this time. I guess the next time we see them will be around Christmas but I look forward to it.

She’s adorable and we love her so much, but she’s gone home, and while I did enjoy so much having her and her Mom visit, my husband and I realized that we enjoy our quiet lifestyle and couldn’t have kept up the pace for too much longer…...We’re ‘pooped’ for lack of another word!!!!!

13 thoughts on “She’s Adorable and She’s Gone Home

  1. Aren’t little children such a tonic? I agree they keep us young, but I couldnt’ survive being around them all the time! My little sister, when I met her, was 6. I was terrified about how would I do with a little kid? Would she like me? Would she find me boring and stuffy? We bonded so closely, and she was all over me from dawn to bedtime and I loved her dearly. I miss her now. I’m so glad you had the chance to spend such precious time bonding with your little great granddaughter and your granddaughter too. I love that photo! xx


  2. Your story reminds me of my in-laws. They love to have their grandchildren over and they go to lengths to entertain them. For two weeks, they enjoy the laughing, screaming and bickering and the mess. When we leave, they brace for the silence that ensues then get at home again to their quiet and orderly lives. 🙂


    • I guess that about sums it up…We had our day of all that raising three children entails and then they grow up and have families of their own and we settled in to that of grandparents and then ‘seniors’…Thanks for the comment…Diane


  3. Sounds like you had a great visit, Diane. What a nice grandmother you are to show them both such a good time. The donkey farm was a great choice of activity. It is amazing how much energy a 4-year-old has and how inquisitive their minds. I am glad you had the chance to share your love with your grandchildren. Blessings. Jamie 🙂


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