Another Short Post Looking For Computer Whiz

I’ve decided since Word Press can’t seem to help me to put an S.O.S. out to my friends in blogosphere.

Last Friday evening I went and commented on a blog that I follow. When I went back to my emails to look at other “Instant” notifications of new posts that I get, I noticed that all of them were listed as being from this person’s blog that I put a comment on.

The only exceptions are the ones I get notified Daily or Weekly. They are in the right name.

If I select it to read it, the correct name of the person shows.

Problem…..It is very confusing to read all as coming from the one person. Sometimes I read certain blogs in a sequence and now I cannot tell which are theirs’. Also some that I follow , I follow all the comments that other people make on their post, and they also say they are from that one blogger. Also, I keep some comments made in a file under their name. Now all are under the same name so I don’t know whose are whose.

Please if any of you are computer whiz’s can you help?

One fellow blogger suggested that if I edit my follow list and put ‘never’ beside the one blogger’s name in question it may stop the problem. Sad to say it didn’t.

I am temporarily going to put everyone on Daily instead of Instantly. Even when I do this the comments I get from others still come under the one wrong name.

I am hoping someone out there may know the answer. It an obvious glitch.


Thanks anyone and everyone!….Diane

20 thoughts on “Another Short Post Looking For Computer Whiz

  1. It sounds like a virus to me. There are so many out there, that can mess with your emails and such. I would run a virus check and get Spybot Search and Destroy and run it first since it deals with the internet. If this doesn’t get it back to normal, you might contact your email service, or whatever service this is happening on. Some viruses allow hackers to take over your email, facebook, and I imagine even your blog because they get your passwords. That is why I change passwords often, and check what is going on as far as virus checks about once a week. I found last week that somehow my email got switched to very secure an suddenly I was getting a lot of junk in my regular email, and my regular emails including WordPress emails, craft emails, homeschooling emails, and Christian emails were all going to junk. I didn’t do this, but somehow it got done, so it was either through MSN hotmail or a virus. I literally had to go in and change the settings, my password, and sort out over 1000 emails so that I would not miss important ones that were being deleted in my junk mail. It was frustrating to say the least, especially when you are sick.


    • No it didn’t…WP ultimately said they think it’s a ‘Thunderbird’ glitch ..that’s my email provider…I said I didn’t think it was because it happened right after I made a comment on the person’s website…and everyone else that sends me an email outside of bloggers…is okay…What I did is put most notifications on to ‘Daily Digest as they come in under the right name…but a few I wanted to leave on the “instant’ so they still come under the wrong blog name. And comments I get are also under her name….I contacted Thunderbird and haven’t heard anything…Surprise!…I’m really find it hard to believe wp can’t track it down….Thanks for asking…Diane


  2. That is weird that that is happening. It might be the e-mail service. I’ve had to get a new e-mail because I haven’t been able to open up any of my mail in hotmail. So I got a new gmail account and so far so good. You might try accessing your e-mail using a different browser. Like if you use Explorer try Mozilla. These are the only things I can think to do.


    • I wondered about that but I have a couple of other people that send to that email and they come in okay. Also the daily and weekly notifications are okay ..just the instantly ones plus the comments I view via email from a couple of other blogs…that I see all comments…It is weird indeed. I’ve now put all notifications on” daily” to avoid some confusion but I can’t believe that they can’t find out what happened..Diane


  3. Yes I did a screen shot and put it in Media..I also selected one of the emails and sent it to a special email to them as they requested….I guess I won’t hear anything if I do until next week…if then..Thanks for your comment…Diane


    • Somebody asked me to do something and send it to them at WP but since I did no one has answered or fixed it yet..Should I consider one of those sites that offer to fix any wp problem but you pay for it? One of them cost $38 but it they fixed it maybe I’d bite the bullet…I wonder if you pay if they don’t fix it? Maybe I’ll put a post script on my blog and ask if anyone knows??…Diane


      • I don’t know where you found that, but please don’t pay anyone. It sounds like a scam.

        Did the WP staff ask you to take a screen shot of one of those emails and put it in your Media files? If so, have you done it? It will allow them to see this crazy problem.

        I sure hope it gets resolved soon for you.


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