Short Post

I’m just doing this short blog to say that because my 4 year old great-granddaughter and my granddaughter (her mom)  are visiting me for a week my blogging activities of writing and reading have slowed down significantly…so it will most certainly take time to catch up.

Just in case anyone might notice….??

To add to this I don’t know if anyone else has had this same problem but all my posts except for the daily or weekly digests I get are all coming “From” one particular blogger’s name and confusing the heck out of me. This has been since Friday night. I hope I’m not the only one….and WordPress has not answered my query yet as to what is causing this…..Diane

13 thoughts on “Short Post

  1. Enjoy your time with family – 😀 I have had some problems with my messages coming in Spanish and French, but no other problem. I think it is corrected now. Imagine my surprise getting all of my wordpress email in French and Spanish! YIKES!


      • I kept forgetting to contact wordpress and it eventually cleared up. I am like a dog in some ways, I get distracted easily. The other morning I was enjoying my devotional time when a squirrel distracted me and I forgot my place!! Good luck from what I read from other bloggers they are slow to respond.


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