It’s Birthday Time

Well, we’re celebrating Lizzie’s birthday today.

I’m not sure when I began reading and then following Lizzie’s blogs, but I knew that I would because of being so intrigued by her writing and her style. Eventually the commenting back and forth became frequent, even though I’m of a different generation than she is.

If there was one thing I  would say right off the bat is, that Lizzie writes from her heart. Wishes (7/7) She is obviously a very intelligent and well-read individual. She speaks her mind…I’ll pause for a moment for everyone to say…well THAT’S true..or something similar. She has a way of making you think of things you weren’t even aware were issues with yourself until she writes about them. One of her blogs demonstrates this to me

Lizzie as all will be aware that reads her blog, has bipolar disease. As she struggles with life and the disease, lately she has been also frustrated and is having issues with some cognitive skills such as her memory and word finding, among others. She wrote a blog about this which explained it well.

She fiercely loves her children and her grandchild…(very young Grandmother). A recent post of how much they mean to her is 

If you’re looking for a run of the mill kind of post you won’t find it at Lizzie’s blog, as she definitely has a style of her own. Some of her writing has a wry sense of humor and may even be a bit controversial, but always interesting and thought provoking. You will always find that she is honest and writes from her heart. She never forces her opinion on you, but you’ll know where she stands for sure. She also wrote a blog  on advice giving and receiving. See her post

Just in case I haven’t made it clear, I kinda really like Lizzie and think she’s special!

Because it’s her birthday! So look for the word in italics her and on the sites listed below. Put the italic words together in front of “” to find the secret site.

1. Red –                                             

2. Ginger –          

3.El Guapo –                          

4. Linda Vernon                     

5. Buddha Kat –                        

6. Ginger Fight Back –                        

Or, if you’re kinda lazy just go right to it from here

23 thoughts on “It’s Birthday Time

  1. wow – looks like the emotions of the day are starting to get to her!!! what a beautiful intro and tribute to lizzie you have written here, Diane. lizzie is very special and once she;s in your heart, chances are, that’s where she’ll stay!!! happy birthday all day long, lizzie!!!
    great post, Diane!!!



  2. thank you all so very very much …
    Diane…I just felt the scales tip and emotionally I am… this was..thank you so much for your kind words, for your friendship for being part of my birthday. I just will never be ble to thank you enough…I havent even seen what on the post yet and I am just very very happy


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  4. What a nice tribute Diane and I totally agree. Lizzie has a very unique outlook, and isn’t afraid to open the door to her life a little and show us life through her the kaleidoscope of her perspective. And she is never boring or run of the mill. Happy Birthday to Lizzie! 😀


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