Pride Cometh Before a Fall

I was thinking today of the concept of ‘pride’. The word always has a connotation of something that is not good and indeed there are many times in the Word of God that say as much. A couple of these are quoted here.

Proverbs 16:18
18Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Ecclesiastes 7:8
8The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.

It seems that when the negative aspect of pride is mentioned it is because there is an arrogance implied with it. There is an inference that the person feeling it, is thinking he is above others in perhaps intelligence, wealth or power and authority. It is as the scripture where the Pharisee is speaking and says he is so glad he is not like others as he gives his proper tithe, worships and fasts according to the law and lists the sins that he does not commit, that others do. Luke 18 vs 9-14. He is so proud of himself and feeling so righteous.

To me, this is where the sin of pride is…putting yourself so far above where you think others are….being so proud of how important you have become in life!

Having said all of that, I believe sometimes there is a place for pride to be a part of our life. I think we can be proud of our accomplishments when we have been studying and striving to achieve our goals in life.

I also think there is a place …yes…to be proud of how we have raised our children to be moral, loving, compassionate and good upstanding citizens of this world.

From a Christian perspective realizing that God is ultimately our helper in achieving such goals, is paramount of course.

I feel proud that I have, by His grace come so far in defeating the hold that depression held over me for so many years, and can now enjoy life with all that it has to offer.

19 thoughts on “Pride Cometh Before a Fall

  1. Thank you for this thought-provking post, Diane. I agree. Pride accompanied by arrogance tends to repel people, and pride accompanied by humility tends to attract folks.

    It is my hope that arrogant people–myself included when I display arrogance–take to heart that simple truth and revise their attitude so we all can experience greater external and internal acceptance.



  2. Well it is wonderful that you conquered your depression and to feel proud of that can only add to your happiness. And I think you’re right about arrogant pride, like say, a politician’s pride –John Edwards is a perfect example of “Pride goes before the destruction . . . “


    • While I feel joy at having left depression behind be after many years I know that it was only through God prodding me to keep on keeping on that I was able to do it. But never the less..I do feel proud that I was able to.Thanks Linda….Diane


  3. I definitely agree there is a place for pride in which it’s a positive thing, not a bad thing. And I’m proud of you, for having come so far and I think you are right to feel proud of that yourself.
    I think that without some pride, we wouldn’t reach our full potential. What about taking pride in one’s work or one’s life – without that, we might not even bother to do our best. It doesn’t have to be arrogant. I think it’s Arrogance that should be the ‘bad’ thing, not so much pride?
    It also doesn’t hurt to remember that God gave us the ability to do what it is we are feeling proud of. God is the one who helped me to survive what I’ve gotten through 🙂


  4. I am so glad you shared this today. I think I needed to be reminded of having too much pride. The hardest part is knowing when to swallow it and make things better. Thank you for making the lightbulb light up in my head. Blessing. 🙂


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