This is another of my posts that was written early in my blogging and have decided to reblog it now….Diane


                                              This post is not for the person who is or has suffered from Depression, but instead to the one(s) living with that person.

In my case the significant other people who had to live with me and therefore ‘depression’ were my husband and my three children. At least they were the ones who were in the same house as I was.

When my husband and I met we were two carefree people, for the most part. If ever there was a truism it was that we were opposites and we were attracted to each other. He was a very straightforward person and what you saw basically is what he was. I on the other hand kept a lot of my feelings inside, and brooded about things. I was very insecure and he very outgoing.

When signs of my ‘depression’ were first noticed in our marriage, he tended to…

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