Surprised Twice

In the past few days two fellow bloggers have chosen to surprise me. The first one is Terry who has nominated me for The Illuminating Blogger Award. Terry is one of those who wears her heart on her sleeve, but by doing so she inspires and encourages so many others that read her blogs. She looks after her brother who has Parkinson’s but she is much more than that, she writes poetry, fiction and about many other topics. You really should visit

The rules are fairly simple with this award. They are

The rules are for this award:

1.Leave a comment on the original award site

2.Choose a random fact about yourself to share

3.Choose 5 bloggers to pass the torch to.

The other surprise is from Jamie and is The Best Follower Award.  Jamie is one of the people who has faithfully followed me as much as I follow her. She loves writing of all kinds including gardening, photography, real life situations and informative reviews sometimes of books. You need to visit her site at

The rules for this award are not complex either.

1.   Thank the giver, link the page, and add the award to your site.

2.   Answer the question: “Who was my first follower?”

3.   Pass it on to your three Best Followers.

For the Illuminating Blogger Award I would share 1 fact.

Two of my grandsons are visiting us from Illinois for a few days and since we don’t get to see them very often it is wonderful to have teenagers in our house once again to remind us of their vim, vigor and vitality and they loved my chocolate brownies I made with my own little hands from a recipe that I got from a fellow blogger.

For this award I would like to nominate of the many that I could and some I have before, and some may choose not to follow rules.






For the Best Follower Award I need to tell you who was my first Follower. That would be Sonja a very warm hearted person. She was so faithful at reading and ‘liking’ and sometimes commenting on my blogs, and it is so nice when you are a new blogger. Please visit her at  

Some, (and I stress some because I am blessed with many people who like, comment and follow my blogs on a regular basis) are these ones that  I will mention. Some may choose to just accept and not ‘follow the rules/suggestions.




17 thoughts on “Surprised Twice

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  2. You deserve every award there is and more! one of these days I really am going to design a new one just for you-you are so very special.
    Don’t know what I would do with out you. love Cindy


      • yes, except that I spent 2 hours at the eye doctor because I suddenly have had vision problems this week along with double vision yesterday which is better today. He thinks I had a little TIA in my head. that messed with my vision, but also could be having some problems with the 4th nerve as they call it-so now I have to watch out for that too. Always, always something.


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