The Ocean – Poem


I love to visit and to see

Places where I love to be

Along with warmth and shining sun

My joy has only just begun

I travel where I know it’s there

And because of this I do so care

For the waves and color blue

But sometimes it is also green

Prettiest sight I’ve ever seen

I rush down to the water’s shore

The Ocean finally I have reached

And sun myself while on the beach

I revel in the peace I feel

And wonder if it’s all so real

I linger there, the day does pass

And ne’er is there a blade of grass

The sun is changing color now

Shades of red and orange…wow

Sunset has taken o’er the sky

Time to go and say good-bye

5 thoughts on “The Ocean – Poem

  1. Very interesting poem… I appreciate your talent very much. I really enjoyed your phrasing and rhyming. Thanks! I have always desired to write poetry but I have always struggled… for me it is much harder than it appears.


    • There are I suppose ‘types’ of writing poetry and many go to writing classes to learn ‘proper’ ways. I on the other hand just start out with a thought and go from there…certainly ‘amateur’ status..but I really just do all writing the way I feel …Try it…I’m sure you’ll get to the point of liking what you write..btw it doesn’t have to rhyme..I just tend to do that a lot…Diane


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