20 Lines a day Challenge

To complete a poem started by Anne’s first 12 lines and to add 20 more


The Shed

Was walking down the road one day, when something caught my eye

So beautiful, miraculous, I smiled, and breathed a sigh

Twas only how the sunlight fell upon the trees ahead

Within a forest, deep and thick, and lit upon a shed

The shed was old and falling down, its roof had sunken in

I thought about that worn out shed, and what it might have been

My curiosity was stirred,  my longing to explore

Before I knew it, there I stood, before its faded door

Carefully, most cautiously, I twisted the old knob

The hinges squealed, with pain it seemed, as I felt my heart throb

With cobwebs woven everywhere,  my feet froze to the floor

I dared not take another step, but had to still see more

There was a table sitting there, with dishes there on the top

The dust was thick and what was there beside made me stop

A child’s small bed with teddy bear sitting on the spread

And a picture of a small boy there, to me more words were said

Unspoken words were clearly in the scene that I did view

A family lived there long ago, my thought were not a few

What happened there so long ago that things were left like this

Something wasn’t right as everything was scattered and amiss

A newspaper lay among the pile of things upon the chair

The date of it gave a clue as to what had happened there

A story of a little boy that was found in a nearby creek

The parents of that little child were unable to even speak

They couldn’t bear the thought of living in that old shed

The child they loved and cherished with all their heart was dead

I somehow wished I hadn’t seen the things that were displayed

As now my thoughts and feelings were very much dismayed

I said a prayer and left the shed and made my way outside

But then I thought again and made my way back inside

I picked up the little teddy bear and hugged him close to me

For this little bear was all I had of the child who would never be.

29 thoughts on “20 Lines a day Challenge

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  3. So wonderfully written Diane! And it is so very sad. I reminds me of the fate of some missionaries who settle at the Whitman Mission in Walla Walla and their little daughter was drowned in the river.


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