Very Short Post

This is a very short post but I just had to say that shows like Andy Griffith did, are so rare these days that I just had to acknowledge him. My kids and grandchildren watched his show whether it was rerun after rerun of it. The morals taught in his show went a long way to helping others see how a person should act and teach their own child.

It was funny and yet always had a good story behind the humor. I wish that today’s children had more shows like this to watch instead of the ones with so much violence in them. There’s enough violence in the real world without entertaining our children with it. He will be missed…..

7 thoughts on “Very Short Post

    • I can’t get over the fact that ‘children’s shows’ are NOT..There are exceptions of course although I haven’t seen it recently…I hope it’s still good Sesame street but that’s for very young…..Diane


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  2. We have like minds. I just posted something about Andy Griffith, and as I am looking through the Reader, I find yours. I wish I would have read the Reader first, then I would have repost your post. So sad to lose a good man. I loved his show. I hope you have a great 4th of July! 🙂


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