Trifecta Challenge

This weeks’ challenge is to use the word fireworks as stated above. This is my attempt at doing so. In actual fact it is a true story.
It was the final straw. Our son had determined that he did not wish to abide by our house rules. He was 14 years old and all of his friends he stated were able to come and go pretty well as they pleased, with regard to being home at regular supper times and at the time we wanted him home and in the house on school nights especially. This was something we were not willing to bargain, as we felt it necessary for boundaries to be given to our children even though he was now a teenager.
He didn’t agree with our decision and a fireworks of emotions began. He ran out the door saying we were being unfair and that we were not trusting him. With the state he was in, we were not about to just let him go, who knows where, when the evening was close at hand. So after gathering out thoughts and calming down somewhat, we set off in two cars to find him. After driving for some time and trying to decide where he would go, I set off for the bus terminal at the shopping center. The bus was just pulling off and I could see he was on it, headed to his grandparents.  I stopped my car, got out and banged on the door of the bus and explained to the driver what I wanted.
After asking my son three times he finally conceded and got off the bus. We drove home in silence and when we got there had a heart to heart talk explaining again our position.  We were all glad it was over, and as his parents we breathed a sigh of relief.
One more crisis was over.

21 thoughts on “Trifecta Challenge

  1. Thank you for recommending I read this! My son turns 14 in 3 weeks…he has his firework moments too. I let him rant and rage (in his room) and then within a short time he’s in the kitchen asking what’s to eat and saying “i love you mom” LOL Kids!


  2. Thanks so much for linking up with Trifecta this week. I, too, love that he was running to his grandparents. He wanted to get away, but he obviously didn’t want to be left alone. He knew he still needed some guidance. Good for you for taking the hard road. Kids crave boundaries, especially when it looks like they don’t.


    • Found your comment in ‘spam’….thanks for commenting ..I truly believe that kids in this and every generation want someone that will guide them ….parents should be parents and not try to be ‘friends’..Diane


  3. Oh, I have a sad feeling that this one isn’t over at all. I love that he was running away to grandparents. Hugs. Stand strong Mama Bear. You’re doing the right thing – if he’s not mature enough to handle limits, he isn’t ready for the freedom, IMHO.


    • I guess in my story I didn’t make it clear that this happened when our second son WAS 14 but he is now 46 years old …and we have good laughs over that situation…not that we laughed at the time..and he did have to accept our rules in the end….lol…Diane


    • It really was but it’s amazing that you just do what you have to do….The bus driver had a good story to tell that night to his wife..”there was this crazy mother etc etc”…Diane


    • There were some tough confrontations but somehow you get through them and come out when they get older as ‘friends’ and laugh about those years..take heart…’this too will pass’……Diane


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