It’s Hard to Focus

Sometimes I find it so hard to focus on what I’m doing or even thinking.  Maybe it has always been so, bu I’m thinking it the generation we’re living in right now. There is so much it seems going on around us. But I find the most difficult time to do so is often when prayer time comes around.

Now I know that many can relate to that, because that is when we’re attempting to connect to God in the most intimate way. We are laying ourselves open to Him and petitioning for ourselves and others. It makes me so frustrated because it seems as quiet as I try to make my environment I see a light or I hear the clock ticking or hear some other miniscule sound. Even as I pray, the busyness of the current day or previous day will come to mind, or all of a sudden I will catch myself thinking about tomorrow’s tasks. I will sometimes be praying for a specific person’s needs and then my mind will be sidetracked about something else going on with that person…or I will be reading scripture or a devotional and I find that I don’t remember a word of what I just read and so read it two or three times.

Perhaps, I feel it’s my lack of concentration, and then I wonder why there is such difficulty. I am in the presence of God, after all so why would I even let myself think about anything else. Then I wonder if it’s because I’m tired and that’s why my mind is wandering. But it doesn’t matter what time of day it is I find…it’s whenever I go to prayer.

When I find this happening I confess that it is, and have a talk with Him about it.  After I do it usually subsides and often times I don’t even hear the ticking of the clock and I marvel at that. 

I’m glad that I don’t only pray at a specific time set aside for it, but am doing so during the day often times when someone comes to my mind and I’m aware that there is a need. It’s not a long process as it is only sometimes a matter of less than a minute but I know that my prayer is heard.

Once I read in scripture...”Pray without ceasing”.…and I thought no one can pray that way, but then I learned that it really meant to be in an awareness of prayer throughout my day, and so that’s what I try to do.

Whatever my focus is, it needs to the realization that God is listening and answering, whenever we speak even in our whispers during our busy day.

16 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Focus

  1. i used to just randomly pray throughout the day. never starting with “dear jesus” or “amen”, just randomly praying a sentence or two, like a normal conversation. because god is always there with us, and isn’t too busy to listen to a comment about the weather, or traffic.

    lately, i haven’t been where i want to be. i want to fix it.


    • I know what you mean about just randomly praying..I think people or situations are put on our heart and in our mind by God…to remind us to pray. At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment also though to spend a few minutes every day to pray or at least talk to him. I got an online devotion done by Charles Stanley sent to me daily and I read the short scripture he suggests (there’s a link and you just click on it ) and then read the short thing he writes about the scripture and then pray for a few minutes or ‘talk with God’. …and I am able to so far keep it up…I found before that if I waited to go to bed I would always fall asleep before doing very much. I don’t know if you’re familiar with C.Stanley but I find most times he’s very down to earth. If you like I could send you a link to today’s one and at the bottom it gives you a link to receive it daily. That’s only a suggestion….you may not want that..But thanks for your comments..Diane


        • Since I have your email I’ll send you today’s from him and if you decide to subscribe it’s at the very bottom of it. Note …If you want the bible verse link to go right to that scripture to read …you need to ‘click here’ where it says that, at the top and then it’ll take you there directly.I know he is on the radio so because I’ve listened to him there as well…so it’s likely the same person…BTW it is free….Diane


  2. Many good thoughts in your NOT…rambling. I do sometimes just sit and try to receive anything God would say or put in my mind to think on…sometimes the time is good..but alas sometimes my mind just is too busy…I remember a long time ago about the fact that we sometimes go to God with a ‘grocery list’ of requests and so I do try to acknowledge Him first in ways and then offer my petitions to Him. The one positive thing is I will keep on keeping on…and never stop praying however it is….Diane


  3. Yes so profoundly written and so true, Diane. Thank you.
    It is very hard to just ‘be’ and quieten the chatter in our minds. Especially with so much going on around us and in our own minds too. So many worries and so much stimulation, deadlines, expectations, etc.
    I try and go through life aware of God with me every single step, I would love to make my entire life one continuous prayer to him – but alas, I’m human and I keep forgetting He is there, or turning away from Him, or shouting at Him in frustration or fear..
    A Father said to me years back, that one of the reasons we often don’t hear God when He speaks to us is that we drown Him out with our praying AT Him and I think he’s right – and sometimes it’s just being still and listening that it’s when we do hear Him.
    Mindfulness also helps me – learning to settle down, accept what IS, and BE in the moment, to be impartial (like the tennis court in a game, not the ball,, not either player, not the umpire, not someone gunning for either player – the court. Impartial. Just there) and I try to listen.
    Thank you so much – sorry for rambling ! xx


  4. Two comments: as I was reading, I thought about praying as and when during the day, then found you’d got there by the end of the post.
    Also, minds wander – that’s what they do. Mindfulness is a way of training our minds to focus on what we choose.
    There is something similar in the Christian tradition called ‘centering prayer’. I’ve only read about it, but this is the gist – you choose a simple word or phrase, like Jesus, or maybe an object like a candle, stone (I’ve got an olive wood rosary that I bought in Assisi, which I’m thinking of using for this) – then when your mind wanders, when you notice, bring it back to your word or object.
    Please don’t beat yourself up over this – minds wander. Also, we have an enemy who delights to keep us from God – then point the finger at us when he succeeds. He’s such a slimeball.
    The more powerful your prayers, the more likely you’ll have this problem. The enemy doesn’t bother us if we’re not a threat.
    be blessed… Sandra


  5. I guess this is one of the most common problems when we pray and I’m glad you posted this blog because this really helps people who are still confused on what to do about it. Thank you and God bless 🙂


  6. I didn’t mention in my post but I think maybe you’re right about medications and memory and some concentration problems (cognitive changes) re my M.S. may partly also hinder me somewhat…Diane


  7. i have always been a prayer warrior until the last two years and some serious medication changes, since then i can hardly concentrate for a min. on i have to go easy on myself and remind myself that i do pray (or chat with) God throughout my day and like you said if a request comes up or someone comes to mind, i still pray for them.
    i just used to pray myself to sleep now i can’t get a sentence finished before i realize my thoughts took me away..i hope it comes back i so love prayer!


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