While I was Away

My husband and I planned to go away for 2-3 days at the beginning of the week. ‘Laughingly I say’…I thought I did a very short post to say so, just in case anyone wondered why I was ‘silent’ on their blogs. It turns out I did a ‘Page’ instead of a ‘Post’ so nobody would have seen my little notification.

Well we did go bright and early on Tuesday morning to our son’s cottage. However, on Monday when my husband was using his inhaler for his COPD, he got a sharp pain in his back, but thinking it was just a temporary glitch, we still went. On Tuesday the pain, while not excruciating continued to bother him and got worse in the night and so on Wednesday morning we came back and went to the Hospital emergency just to make sure it wasn’t anything serious. They did an ECG just to rule out his heart and some blood tests, but they were negative. So the doctor said he has seriously strained a muscle(s) and gave him some pain medications.  Now while all this was going on, I’ve got some serious reading to catch up on, which may take a while. And also I found out  I was nominated….yes …nominated by a dear friend Bonita for two awards. The Commentator and The Thanks for Writing.  Bonita is a very busy woman, mother and involved in various ministries of the Church, and also has medical issues she struggles with,  and so to take time out for nominating me for these awards is very special. You should have a look at her site if you haven’t already. It is http://forhisgloryandpraise.wordpress.com/ I’m going to follow the suggested rules for the ‘Thanks For Writing’ as I have done the Commentator recently.

1. Put the logo somewhere in your blog.

2. Write something about your passion for writing.

3. Nominate 6-7 bloggers (I am nominating 3 and they may even have received it before).

4. Notify the nominees that you have done so.

As far as writing about my passion for writing…I have in many years past written about things going on in my life on scraps of paper that I had at the time or in different journals that I would start but never complete, and the I’d start another new one. I wrote some poems, strictly amateur also, and I have shared many of these earlier writings in many of my blogs. When I first heard about ‘blogging’ (I still think that is such a funny word and wonder who made it up)….I was intrigued and thought it would be an outlet for writing.  When I finally took the plunge it was November 2011 and I thought basically it would just be for my own enjoyment, but that perhaps I might find someone to interact with at some point. So I just began writing and then I started reading some blogs while scrolling through some at Word Press. Lo and behold one day somebody made a comment on one of my blogs, and then another and another. I would reply to their comments and now I have met so many wonderful people and learned some of what their lives and interests are. It has been,  and continues to be such a blessing to me.

Now for nominating three bloggers for this award. They all have their own style and stories to share and I enjoy all of them so much.

1. http://buckwheatsrisk.com/

2. http://birdmartin.wordpress.com/about-me/

3. http://delemares.wordpress.com/about/

14 thoughts on “While I was Away

  1. I hope your husband is starting for feel better. We are keeping you all in our prayers. And I hope you got to enjoy your trip some even so. And that you had a wonderful birthday 🙂


  2. I’m so glad your husband is okay, I will keep you both in my prayers as always. I’m so glad you write – because otherwise, we would never have the blessing of reading your wise words xxx


  3. Congratulations on your nominations Diane! So glad it was nothing serious with your husand! AND Hahaha! A page instead of a post! Well at least you caught your mistake. I probably would have thought there was something wrong with WordPress! 😀


    • Thanks Linda, It was really weird about doing the ‘page’..I thought when I got back…well…nobody read it as no ‘likes’ or anything…and then someone else posted that they had written their blog and they didn’t get even 1 like and then realized they left it in ‘draft’..and I thought hey I wonder if I did something like that…and checked an lo and behold…there it was in Pages…’live and learn..and learn and learn ….Diane


  4. Oh by the way, for some reason i haven’t been getting your posts so i signed up again…i think it worked this time so maybe now you will see me around more! LOOK OUT!! 😉 I am glad it wasn’t a heart issue your Hubby was dealing with!! i hope he recovers quickly!


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