I May Be Old But…..

I‘ve been thinking just lately about the fact that I am getting old(er). Maybe because it’s my birthday next week, and when our birthdays  come around no matter how old or young you are, you know that you’re one year older.

When you are young you’re excited because often it means that perhaps you’ll be allowed some new privilege like staying up later at night, or having friends stay over or watching a different program on television that normally you wouldn’t be allowed to.

When you’re a teenager, you then dream about that magic age when you will be able to drive, or have a boy (girl) friend and maybe even go on a date. Or perhaps there’s the chance of getting an Iphone or computer of your very own.  So growing older is looked at with anticipation.

The next stage of growing older is that time when you have made a decision to get married and/ or choose a career for yourself. Those years kind of creep up on you and you don’t always notice until all of a sudden you realize that you are about to turn thirty. And you wonder what changes you should maybe consider before many more years go by. You don’t want to miss anything that you should maybe be doing with your life. Now when you reach your 40’s or 50’s you’re kind of settled in to what your life is about and the busyness of life keeps your mind from wandering too far. Some go through a mid-life crisis, when they think about what they’ve maybe let slip through their fingers and have some issues that definitely need resolving in order to accept and enjoy what they already have in their life.

When the 60’s happen, it is time to realize that you are now in the ‘retirement’ years. You’re most often not employed any longer and wonder how you will make the most of your life now. It helps, if during the previous years you have taken and interest in a hobby or something that will keep you from just getting bored with having too much time on your hands, and nothing to do. When we retired I must say that I just enjoyed not having to watch the clock during what normally would have been a work week, and all the rushing around  that was entailed with that. Now, speaking about the 60’s,  I must say that I went into retirement earlier than my husband did. I was 47 because I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and went on long-term disability/retirement. So I had quite a few years on my husband. Many or even most of those years however were ones that were very distressing not only because of the M.S. but because of depression (I called the darkness),  which I have written about a few times previously, and so it did not feel like ‘retirement’.

We moved when my husband retired and unfortunately I was still plagued with physical and mental ailments. We managed life for several years under the strain of it. But now, because of God’s grace I am in a very good place in both spheres.  My M.S. has not progressed and I am able to walk still and the depression has lifted after years of it being there on a constant basis. Not that there aren’t physical and cognitive problems but for the most part I am able to live a fairly normal lifestyle. My husband has health concerns also but everything is under control and stable.

And so we come back to the fact that my husband is 70 and I will turn 67 this year, and I need to say, this is one of the best times in our lives.  I have the energy and motivation to volunteer a bit at the hospital, and I blog and read others’ and enjoy it immensely. I believe God led me to both things as I really didn’t have a ‘hobby’ to engross myself in. My husband enjoys household ‘chores’ and puttering around in general, and in the summer loves to do the gardening. We usually take a short vacation in the cold months for a week or two and it breaks up the frigid winter. Next spring we will fore-go this break, as we need to save our money for our special 50th anniversary trip in July to my our chosen destination of Aruba for one week. It’s a place that I just have always thought was the ultimate warm hot vacation place to go. This is our plan….God willing!

So while growing old is fraught with challenges also regarding health issues, it is not a bad place to be! We are quite enjoying our quiet time with each other. We visit our children and grandchildren but we have a ‘safe haven’ to always come home to!

Oh I almost forgot the most important fact…. we are so much wiser!  lol 

Psalm 71 vs 18

Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come

35 thoughts on “I May Be Old But…..

  1. I have felt for some time that we are a lot alike….except as you say for our ages…The vacations we used to do in the winter were previously shared with my sister and her husband but since he had a stoke in Oct 2010 he hasn’t been able to travel so the expense is more…But our trip this year to Aruba I am looking so forward to .

    I’ve been off the computer for most of today so haven’t seen if you’ve posted..but have been thinking so much about you and your family and hoping things are somehow a bit better…I believe there is some answer for you …we just need to ‘ponder’ (there’s an old word) on it… Diane


  2. Ah Diane! I loved reading this and I loved reading about how nice your life is right now. I do think there are so many advantages to being older. It just seems like you enjoy the little things so thoroughly. I know I do. What a nice post. I’m so glad I came to visit! Oh and Happy Birthday!! 😀


    • How sweet of you…It’s been good..tomorrow is my actual birthday and we’re going out for supper with my sister and husband….I’m still a little girl I think when birthdays come around ….I still like thinking of what my husband will get me..even though it’s usually something little …which is okay….Diane


  3. It makes me so happy to read this, Diane, so glad that you are enjoying your life, happy, content. I also find it really comforting to read, because I have a lot of fear about getting older, things like life running out or losing people I love, or not being able to do the things I love any more.. reality is those things can happen to us at any time in life. We only ever have right now – neither the past nor the future are ours, and Jesus said to let tomorrow worry about itself.
    I also find myself thinking about how much life I’ve ‘wasted’ and how short life is, because I’ve always been looking for something ‘better’ or looking forward to the ‘good times’ without realising that they are right now if I make them so.
    I’m also now thinking of that song The Circle Game 🙂 xx


    • For you ‘today is the first day of the rest of your life’. Your life is beginning ‘anew’..with your dreams only beginning to be a reality.There is going to be so much more for you…I just feel and know it. Your continued effort in making your life better will come to fruition. As you have said live in the present…the here and now because tomorrow will take care of itself…I feel like I know you well and am so happy for you! ….Diane


      • Yes… you are right, my dear friend. And I feel blessed.. also I feel terrified – what if I screw it up again?
        I think though if I really truly LISTEN, I won’t screw up. Because I’ll be allowing Him to guide me instead of blundering on blindly.
        I feel like I have known you for a long time too 🙂 I’m so blessed to have met you my friend xx


    • When you are young and are busy doing what must be done..you just do it And now when we’re older we breathe a sigh of relief and say we’ve had that time in our life but now it’s good to just be able to relax and take time to smell the roses….Diane


    • I just found a place to leave you a message as I couldn’t get into your blog…It says it’s deleted….I thought if you were just changing the name you wouldn’t be deleting it. I searched under what you’re changing it to and it didn’t show up either….for your info only Diane


  4. There are definite benefits to getting older, health permitting. like not having to worry about fashions, – and hopefully, as you say, being wiser. When young, it’s difficult to believe ‘this too will pass’ – but it usually does, and joy comes in the morning
    best wishes in advance for your 50th


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