At a Loss For Words….Not Quite!

There are two wonderful bloggers who have decided to nominate me for the One Lovely Blog Award…I received both of these very nearly the same time and so would like to thank them together if that’s okay. One of them is a very recent connection for me and I was really surprised, but she is one who writes from her heart, and according to what she thinks God would have her write about. Please take a look at her site. It is The other is one who writes about her struggles at this time and her writing is so heartfelt and honest. Please have a look at her site  I am not at a loss for words because I appreciate so much the honor of having been nominated.

Now I’m supposed to say ten things about myself. I have told so much already but I’ll try and think of something new..Hmmmm

1. I don’t like reality shows. Maybe there’s too much reality or not enough….I can’t decide which.

2.  Of ten children, there are only 3 of us left. 1 brother who I try to see often, and 1 sister who lives in the same town I do and who is my ‘angel’ here on earth and I don’t know what I would do without her.

3.  I am not a worrier about housework. I guess since I’m retired it’s easier because I have more choice about when I do it. Never-the-less if people walk in and there is dust on my furniture or things aren’t as tidy as they should be, I don’t fret because I figure they’re coming to see me and not my house.

4.  I’m a ‘people’ watcher. I love to imagine what people’s lives are like….and what they themselves are like.

5.  I may not have a lot of ‘close’ friends but those that I have I am loyal to forever.

Well, that’s enough I think.

I won’t nominate 10 other bloggers as I have nominated several recently but I will nominate three. They have interesting stories and are wonderful writers.


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9 thoughts on “At a Loss For Words….Not Quite!

  1. Oh Diane, I’m with you on the people watching! There’s hardly anything more entertaining. Maybe a good reality show for us would be a video of people walking around the airport! 😀 Oh and congratulations on your awards! YAY 😀


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