How did you know it was almost my Birthday?

Well here I am about three weeks until my birthday but I’m getting an early birthday present. I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Terry at She is an amazing lady who is a caregiver for her brother and writes about that, but also is a wonderful fiction and poetry writer. If you haven’t yet visited her blog site you must try and do so. I recently wrote about how I feel about awards, so I won’t repeat myself. Suffice it to say I appreciate the thought very much.

The instructions are to tell ten things about yourself (if you care to) Then, please give credit back to the one who nominated you,(if you care to) and finally nominate others you would like to share this award with.(if you care to) I wouldn’t be able to think of 10 things you don’t know already about me, but I’ll try to think of some. “Put thinking cap on!”

1. I actually like to watch the National League Hockey Games…mostly though when my team The Toronto Maple Leafs are playing.

2. I’m secretly hoping my husband will get me a kitten for my birthday. ssshhhh don’t tell him. Probably won’t happen.

3. We are hoping to go to Aruba next year for our 50th wedding anniversary…God willing.

4. I have vivid dreams at night, and often in them I am lost. Maybe because without my GPS I would be, all the time!

5. I finally started volunteering at the hospital this week and I think I’m going to enjoy it.

Now because of some recent nominations I have already done, I will only nominate three bloggers for this award. They may have received this award previously but if not, they deserve it. Their writing is indeed versatile.

1. Viki at


3. Sarah at t

6 thoughts on “How did you know it was almost my Birthday?

  1. I’m glad you started at the hospital!! I hope it is going well. Keep us updated on it! I have a cat I’ll drive to Canada for you if you want 🙂 She’s only slightly crazy. Fine, she’s a lot crazy. All my pets always seem to be. Like mother, like pet I always say 🙂


    • I love even ‘crazy’ cats…the reason I don’t think I’ll get one is that we said no more pets once the ones we had passed away because of our age but heck I’m only 67 (in 3 weeks) and husband is 70?? We still have our little Lhasa Apse who is 9 but I so miss not having a cat..We’ve had them pretty well throughout our marriage. I keep hinting but he’s so practical I don’t think it will happen… Diane


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