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 This weekend we are asking for a bit of your memoirs.  We want a real account of a period in your life that can be clearly identified by (wait for it) the number three.  Maybe it’s the three decades you spent flipping burgers.  Maybe it’s the three seconds you hesitated justifiably before saying “I do.” This is the criteria and my submission for it.

It was the beginning of this year that I was feeling the strongest urge to step out of my comfort zone. For decades I had been fighting the ‘darkness’ which is what I labelled the disease I carried called ‘depression. For years I had been going through life with a veil of negativity and it crippled my enjoyment of life. For the past two years I felt a newness in my living, and an unbelievable difference in how I viewed the world around me. No longer did I see only the problems or negative aspects of situations. Instead I viewed the possibilities surrounding me. My family and friends started noticing the difference in me, especially my husband who constantly, though somewhat embarrassing to me was telling me how proud he was. I felt somehow like a celebrity that was receiving an award. In any case I wondered how this new attitude of life could affect me or others. Perhaps, I could expand my horizon from living a fairly sedentary lifestyle to reach out and make a difference in the community. My answer came while running into a woman who I used to live in the same neighborhood as I a few years ago. We got talking and she was telling me that she was a volunteer at our local hospital in town. I mentioned that it would appeal to me to do the same and so she said she would give my name to the Coordinator of the Volunteer Auxiliary. I didn’t hear for a while but it’s now it’s been three months since I got a telephone call asking if I was interested.  I  said yes somewhat hesitantly, as this for me was a big step.  But I did as was requested and had a police background check done and the necessary blood tests and submitted my application. Well, I started volunteering this week, and so my comfort zone has now expanded.

21 thoughts on “Weekend Challenge http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/

  1. I’m so glad you’ve been able to see the good in the world after the darkness of depression. Just being able to see the positive gives you a nice foothold to keep from slipping into the depths of depression again. I hope your volunteer efforts are fulfilling. I think that chance meeting with the woman was more than just chance, but that’s just the way I see it 🙂


    • Thank You…I think you’re right about the meeting not by chance as I wasn’t knowing what I wanted to do…and I think what I’m doing is a ‘good fit’ for me. God has been with me every step of the way out of the depression…Diane


  2. So glad to hear you are out of the darkness of depression. I was there for several years myself, and it is a place I hope to never visit again. You do have to look inside yourself and change your inner dialogue to find the positive and happiness in everyday situations. Best of luck in your volunteer efforts!


  3. I love this, I had already heard of this, how you came to be nudged by God to your meant-to-be occupation. I also love how positivity changed you and your world. When I started out vowing to be positive, first I had to ‘fake it to make it’. But quickly it just grew by itself. Suddenly my whole world was different, as if I was seeing it the right way up instead of upside down. Positivity is a life saver! xxx


    • It’s a wonderful feeling when you first notice that the world is different..in a positive way and your thoughts just are changed! I’m so happy for you with how far you have come and good things are ahead for you!…Diane


  4. Thanks for linking up with Trifextra this weekend. I’m so glad that you’ve found a way to stretch your wings and grow now that you’re feeling better. Giving back to others is often a great way to give to ourselves. Nice job with the prompt!


  5. Enjoy your work as a volunteer! We’re starting to volunteer at the pound next week with our eight year old daughter. The old comfort zone is going outwards. Your linkup didn’t quite work, though. You linked to your admin page and I had to guess-navigate back to find this. If you already know what you’re doing and just hit the wrong ‘paste’, I just wanted you to know. If you haven’t done linkups before, here’s the primer (I think it’s the same one?) I followed the first time I did this:



    • Thank you…but I’m a little confused..when I pressed the link it took me to the right place…to my blog and not my admin site…could you check again…I’ll try and delete it from the trifecta page I guess and do it again….Diane


      • The evil of the linkup is that when you do post from your admin page, you’ll land right where you need to be, and it will look fine. The trick is to visit your blog and load this post (rather than your home page) and grab that URL. Don’t feel bad. I spent a week linking up SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG to Write on Edge (yes really) until someone gently pointed out what was happening. (I was managing to paste in links to whatever I’d just been viewing. I now have NO IDEA how it would even be possible.) before I got the hang of it.


      • Hey there, it was still linked incorrectly, but I changed it manually. The link you changed it to took readers to all of your blog posts, not just the post you’d written for Trifecta. It’s fixed now, and readers will be directed to this specific post.


      • I think it’s mutual, Diane. I used to be bad at giving and accepting compliments. I’ve really felt the value since working with a great team at the mental health unit. I grew a lot in the past 10 years – still a way to go though.


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