I’m reblogging another of my posts done when I first started blogging. Some more thoughts on teenagers


It was wonderful being a parent when our children were growing up. Of course it came with the aches and pains of any growth. During the early years it was a matter of protecting them and providing for them, not only with food and housing but also with a sense of who they were and how important they were as individuals in our eyes, others’ eyes and of course their worth in God’s eyes. Of course discipline was part of those early years also. And yes, we did spank our children. Note that I said spank and not beat. When they were just learning obedience a small slap on the hand or their bottom was all that was given.

Their teenage years I guess were the most tumultuous and keeping them safe and watching not only the other kids they hung around with, but also trying to instill in them…

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