Mystery Solved

I wrote a blog a few days ago about “A Man Called Job…of the Old Testament”. It was among some writings that I did years ago when I was in the throes of depression.  I found it and read it and felt it was so good at explaining Job and the lesson learned from his story.

However, it was a complete mystery to me who had written it. I did not recognize the writing and it was not signed. It really bothered me even though I do have difficulty with my memory. I prayed about it and told the Lord that it was troubling me that I couldn’t remember. I searched and searched my mind and tried to think of someone who it could have been, but to no avail.

Then, last night I was looking through the pile of old writings again, and I came across this small envelope with just an index card inside. On the envelope was my name and address at that time. I opened it up and all the index card had on it were three sentences, but the writing jumped out at me!

The author of Job had been found. I compared letters and even words of the three little sentences, and found them to be exact. Why I had kept that little note, is beyond me. I did keep some letters from ones sent to me that were special, but this little note was a surprise as to why I kept it. But there it was.

Now, for the name of the author. It was from the minister of the church we were attending. He was only at our church for a couple of years. He dated his note, so I know it was from 1992, and I know what was happening during that year. He had written it because they were leaving on holiday, and was telling me that he would see me when he got back.

God answered my prayer. He knew that some day this all would happen, and He knew how it bothered me that I could not remember. God is Great!

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