Another Wonderful Surprise

Well, this is quite an honor and surprise Two people have nominated me for this award.  The first person who nominated me for this is a woman who is proficient in many things. She crochets, gardens etc. and is a mother of many children. We have only been in contact with each other for a couple of months, but in that time have become friends. The things that are closest to her heart are her family and her faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you Bonita for this award.

The other blogger who has thought enough of my writing to consider nominating me also for this award is Terry. We have known of each other only a short time as well.  But in that time we have grown to learn lot about each others lives. Anyone who reads Terry’s blogs knows that she is a survivor of the struggles she faces daily being a caregiver to her brother who has Parkinson’s. But she is more than a survivor..she is a woman of great faith, and commitment, and love . Thank you Terry for thinking of me

Usually with these awards there is something that you tell about yourself that readers would pr still not know. Maybe there is one place I shared this recently though.  I am starting very soon to volunteer for our local hospital. I’ve gone through the police background check (and thankfully they didn’t find anything.. whew!) I was afraid with my poor memory, maybe there was some hidden secret, but thankfully not. Then I’ve had the blood tests to make sure I’ve got antibodies to prove I wouldn’t be a carrier to certain things like chicken pox, measles etc. And then I’ve had the tuberculosis test to make sure I’m not positive for that.  So I’ve been for the meeting and got my hospital ‘vest’ that shows I’m a volunteer. Now I just found out today the orientation is next month. Another of my ‘stepping out of my comfort zone’ challenges, will be a reality.

Now I need to nominate 5 other bloggers that I feel deserve this award. There are many that do, and some already have been recognized for it, but I will choose 5 to honor in this way. They are people who I think deserve it well and hope some will visit their sites.

Anna Rae





Post Script…I’m so excited that after 7 months of blogging ..and I had asked word press for help but alas didn’t get this simple answer..I’ve discovered how to get a different color font… more step for mankind!!! And if the links to the nominees turns out I’ve learned something else…???