Liebster Blog Award

Well, I hardly know how to contain my enthusiasm, because of being given another award nomination. I am so thrilled at this happening and thank you to my blogging friend Anne whose site is She is a wonderful writer and photo shop enthusiast among other things. I haven’t known her a long time, but we seem to meet and make new friends that we find we have things in common with through out writing, and experiences.

I wasn’t given any instructions to do or say anything in particular so would just like to say that I have been blessed and challenged by so many of the ‘bloggers’ that I read each day. Some days I fall behind in reading and commenting, as I guess we all do when we have several sites that we follow regularly. But patience is definitely a virtue and eventually I try to read all of them.

Sometimes I find that a comment is not always necessary.  If I am not led to and don’t think it will add anything constructive or helpful or encouraging to the writer,  I will ‘like’ the blog but for reasons stated will not always ‘comment’. But I do read them and usually there IS something I end up saying, even if it’s not earth-shattering!

So, I will nominate some of the blog sites that I find both interesting and encouraging, or those that write heartfelt words. I recently was honored with another award and gave 17 nominees…(I got carried away, they asked for 15) Counting was never a strong point with me. So since did so many the last time I will nominate only 5 more. Some I nominate will have maybe received it before.  There are new ones I am following every day also.  But I will nominate 5 and these are. (Note When I put the links up I don’t seem to know how to do it properly and so if you want to look at these sites you will likely have to ‘copy and paste them to your URL… I still have much to learn Another blogger tried to tell me how to do it but I followed instructions ‘not too well” Sigh!





Sara at Sandra at Jana at MoJo at Fiona at

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