Some Thoughts About The Man Job of the Old Testament

I found this while looking through some of my writings of many years passed. It was not written by me, but given to me, at the time I was going through an episode of depression. As it turns out the person did not sign his/her name to the writing, and my memory fails me completely. I do not even recognize the writing, so I assume it was given to me to give me some insight on suffering, and asking “Why Lord?” as I did on more than one occasion. When I read it and then re-read it I thought it worthy of copying. Again, I do not know who wrote it but found it interesting. It is based on the man Job in the Old Testament. I will tell you it’s a bit longer than I usually post, and it’s a delving into scripture, which is also a bit deeper than what I would normally do..but for those of you who wish to read it…here it is!

“Easy to be faithful and love God when things are going well, and Job is so rich and opulent. So God accepts Satan’s wager *that if Job lost everything and suffered terribly he would be angry with God.  Job is grief-stricken at the loss of his family and all that happens to him, but instead of cursing God, he worships Him-“Naked I came into the world, naked I go out”. This shows a confidence in God.

So Satan asks God to allow him to cause a painful sickness to Job, but still he doesn’t curse God. His wife unlike Job, is full of anguish and tells Job to curse God, because she believes he will then be ‘zapped’ out of life and out of his misery,  but he won’t. Their close friends arrive and say nothing but cry with him – hence a friend should never tell someone suffering how to cope or what to do…it will be okay soon etc. Then his friends suggest he must have sinned to have been so badly treated, but Job says he has never sinned. (Have to reach a point of pure devotion to God and not for what you’ll get our of your relationship to God, or worship Him for your own means… what you can get out of it.)

Job confronts God – “You have punished me when I have done nothing wrong….show me where I have done wrong? God doesn’t answer any of Job’s questions, but asks him….where was he when He created the earth, when God did this and that? Job realizes that he has no right to question God and accepts that.

God blesses him with good fortune again. Significantly Satan disappears after Job’s confrontation with God….he has lost his wager.

Religions and people have always questioned human suffering. Some believe everyone has to suffer to one degree or’s just part of life.  Someone asked God why is there so much evil in your world, so much suffering…why don’t you do something about it and God answered …. “I have, I sent you” People don’t learn from the past…wars, famines etc.

So suffering seems to be a natural process that all must go through …it is easy to love and worship God when all is well. We need to be more trusting of God…more devoted to Him…have confidence in Him. Our love of God should permeate our very being, so that we in turn are more loving, more devoted, more caring, more willing to do things, not just for our families and loved ones, but for everyone…mankind.

Whether human suffering came out of that first sin of Adam and Eve or whether it is the result of mankind’s lack of devotion, love and caring for one another…thereby demonstrating more concern for oneself than for others.

We have to love others more than we love ourselves…but to a selfish and evil world we live in …where do we start? …..By reading God’s Word, devoting ourselves to his commandments, worshiping, thanking, glorifying God. Only when everyone does this will human suffering come to an end. It seems an impossible task, but it has to start somewhere, so why not with me? …person by person by person……”

I wrote this exactly as written….it is probably more profound than I would be able to write…but the conclusion, I of course believe ….that it is only WE,  as God’s hands can help to make the world a better place to live.

Notation….See posting May 18 for answer to who wrote this

13 thoughts on “Some Thoughts About The Man Job of the Old Testament

  1. I love your blog. Is there a way that I can follow it by email? I am getting old and blind and may be missing the button somewhere. Because of my advanced age, if it doesn’t arrive in my email box, a blog post never happened. 😉 😉


    • You should be able to see all the blogs you receive notifications via email if you go to your dashboard…Then hover over the W in upper left corner…Select Reader..The in small letters you should see Edit List…Select that and all the blogs you follow will display..In the first column you have the option of putting in never,instantly,daily or weekly…then you should get notifications as you indicate…let me know if you have a problem….Diane


  2. I always think God doesn’t make mistakes. Everything is moving forward for our greater good. This was a wonderful essay even if you don’t know who wrote it. How nice that it can reach so many people now! 🙂


    • I agree..I have strained my little brain and it is just blank….not that’s good at the best of times..but it is just amazing that they didn’t sign it and my fingers just went right to it…but it was good..glad you liked it…Diane


  3. Loss, sorrow and suffering will always be with us, as long as we live in a sinful, fallen world. Thank the Lord we are promised that, if we have trusted in Christ, we have a far better eternity awaitng us where there will be no more sorrow, suffering nor pain! Lord bless you Diane. Thanks for putting our thoughts on the Lord today.


    • It is so strange about this blog…I was going to look for some past writing like I said but this is the first one that I came across and my memory just failed me as to who gave it to me…but I really felt led to share it….Diane


  4. I love this … we are the answer. We are our brother and sister’s keepers. On the other hand, WOW, that’s a lot of responsibility … Job had a hard time!


  5. Reblogged this on faithandmeow and commented:
    Someone asked God why is there so much evil in your world, so much suffering…why don’t you do something about it and God answered …. “I have, I sent you”
    Thank you to Diane, for sharing this wisdom with us.


    • Glad to have this reblogged and glad I decided to share it..It’s funny that I was looking through my old writings but the first piece I picked up was this…and wondered if I should share it,,,and I’m glad that I did…Diane


  6. Someone asked God why is there so much evil in your world, so much suffering…why don’t you do something about it and God answered …. “I have, I sent you”

    Thank you so much for this, Diane. I have asked again and again why there is so much suffering – and come to the conclusion that He gave us free will, so He is powerless to stop it because that would be taking back free will. I never thought of the above – that His solution was US and that WE need to listen to Him and carry out His bidding if we wish to try and right things. Even if it seems we cannot do enough – that we are far too small and powerless, we are not. Every little bit counts, has a ripple in a pond effect.
    I really struggled reading Job, it was hard going, so I really appreciate this for that, too. it has explained Job to me so much better than anyone else has.


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