This is the 2nd post I am doing because it speaks of my mother who I have written quite a bit about. I wrote this back shortly after starting to blog….am doing this because Mother’s Day is this weekend. The picture at the beginning is one that I love ..of her probably in her teenage years.


I‘m thinking of my mother today. I know I have written of her previously, but she is on my mind. She has been gone now for 24 years.

I am reminded almost daily of how wonderful and loving a woman she was. She was born on a farm and had graduated the equivalent of Grade 12 at a very young age. Of course school was a lot different back then. She continued her education on a daily basis from that point on. Reading brought her not only delight but also much wisdom and learning. For as long as I can remember she was always engrossed in a book, when she was not busy with household or other work. That was her way of relaxing whenever the world got too much. She read at least one or two books a week. Thank goodness for libraries.

She could have been a…

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