Where Did They Go??

I was just noticing something the other day and that was the fact that children today have different ways of entertaining themselves. So different from when I was a child (okay that WAS a long time ago)….but even since my own children used to play.

So I was wondering……

where have all the children on tricycles gone?….

and what about little girls walking down the street with a doll carriage and their precious baby inside?

and where are the children playing ‘hide and seek?…..

and what about the little girls with a skipping rope? ..remember ‘double dutch’?

and the sand boxes with children building castles and playing with their little toy trucks in the sand?

and playing in the school yard with their friends ?(we used to play with a ball or two against the bricks)

and what about building forts mainly out of blankets hung over chairs?

Maybe there are still some children that do these things, but I haven’t been able to see any.  This is where I guess I mention that the electronic toys have taken over. Not just computer games, but the I phones, the Tablets that have games on them also but of course the television itself. Even some of the younger children want to use these things instead of their imagination.  I realize there are some parents that try to insure their child goes outside for a while, but I’m not sure what they do, because I don’t see them doing any of the fun things that we used to do.

In the summer, there are many summer camps that offer more creativity, but not all families can afford this. Granted in the winter there is hockey, but it’s all organized now…not played on rinks flooded on the school grounds. In the summer there is baseball and soccer, but again they are all organized it seems and not too much just played for fun.

Isn’t there some way we can get imagination and plain old fun back into our children’s lives?

16 thoughts on “Where Did They Go??

  1. You know Fiona you are right and I considered that when I was writing this…a parent almost has to ‘watch’ their children if they want to play outside or in the park etc. It surely is a ‘scary’ time in that regard. If they are lucky enough to have a backyard some play can take place there. I know when my kids were young…that’s the reason we made a sand box and had a swing set and they used to play a long time there….When they were little they didn’t even go anywhere outside the backyard without my husband or me very close….Diane


  2. When I met my little half sister, when she was 6 years old, one of the most overwhelming things I noticed was that she did not know how to play. She had every toy and gadget under the sun, but was constantly bored and irritable. She is the daughter of two much older people who dont’ have other kids or friends with other kids so she was a lonely child growing up until she got older and came out of her shell. I was surprised because I had relatively few toys when I was her age, but the ability to make a game anywhere, about anything, using my imagination and my surroundings. It really made me sad.
    I wonder how we can teach the future generations how to play again? I doubt removing their ‘toys’ would work, but there has to be some way we can keep their imaginations stoked up instead of giving in to the electronic/’things’ craze and letting their minds grow dull. xx


    • The only thing that I can think of is to try and remind them that childhood should be more than ‘gadgets’ My grandchildren are grown now but I can try with my great grandchildren of which I only have 1 right now. At least her Mom takes her to the park and interacts with other children and does enroll her in craft and dance lessons …but still where is the natural fun??? Diane


      • You know what, I also don’t see kids playing in the streets and parks like they used to, and not even in their own backyards, those who are lucky enough to have backyards. I think safety is a huge factor contributing to that. These days, kids can’t really play without supervision in those open places because there are too many bad people about. We have had a lot of trouble here where I live, just with people trying to abduct kids who are walking to school. It’s a scary world out there. One of the things I am sad about is that the world is a lot harsher than that I grew up in and kids have to grow up a lot quicker. xx


  3. It’s nice to hear that other in this generation still did play ‘pretend’ and play with dolls..at least your siblings still do dance and crafty things…I wish more did..many.children need to be reminded how to play ‘pretend’ etc. Thanks for your comment…Diane


  4. I’m 19 and used to play with dolls, blanket and pillow huts, climbing trees, pretend I was a teacher or nurse or secretary and so on. I have two sisters that are 6 and 9. They don’t do anything I used to do. They mostly just play computer games and watch YouTube, but thankfully they also love inventing dances, theatrical plays and making crafty things.


  5. this is why kids are over weight today. they sit in front of a game. i rode my tricycle and my bike, played with my dolls, played hula hoop, hopscotch, tether ball. i was active. i had to be. my mom kept forcing me outside telling me, the sun will do u good girl, find something to do!!! bless her soul, love and miss u mom


  6. A well timed power outage could give you a chance to relive the childhood past. We used to stay out in the neighborhood until dusk when Moms all over would start calling kids to come home. Now my grandson has playdates. Though he and his dad just “camped out” in the living room with cushions and blankets, the kid loves riding his bike in the neighborhood. We’re lucky that we live in a sheltered neighborhood where a lot of his friends still run around, riding bikes and skateboards. It’s up to us to keep some of these games alive!


    • I remember those calls from Mom….camping out in the living room alas.another lost art for many..I’ll have to like you say teach by telling stories…of course better get Mommy’s approval first…Diane


  7. I have only one young great-granddaughter now ..even my grandchildren are grown… to her credit my granddaughter does take her to the park and play in the splash pool with other children and she is in crafts class..she’s only 4 but even she is too much into television and games on them…I don’t know how the modern day family can or if they even want to help their children to do more play things…..Diane


  8. well my children did do those things while we lived in England, but now we live in the heat, they tend not to, and I agree it’s such a shame. We must try to encourage them to play in an unstructured, creative way.


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