Everyone started getting replies from all people making comments on a blog site…Word Press put an automatic check mark beside the Comments Section ..the box saying Notify me of any comments made via email…

So when I was made aware of this (which incidentally I used to check off thinking that meant I would get a reply to MY comment and had to receive all comments just because)…anyway so I made sure to not check the box anymore or to ‘uncheck’ when Word Press put the check mark in automatically.

Problem is that I didn’t receive even MY comment to the blog either.

So I was then made aware that on the dashboard on the right side of the board there is a number…and if you check on it you will see the replies to the comments you made…there.

I sent a question to Word Press and it seems that is what you have to do…you don’t get replies via email

NOW …there is a way you will still end up getting all replies from all people via email if you don’t check another source…

You need to go to the “W” in left corner of dashboard and select ‘reader’ and blogs I follow….there is a column there that says notify me of comments via email and if those boxes are checked you will still get all responses so you need to make sure they are blank or uncheck ones that are…or you have the option of receiving some by email  if you want ..either (by first column instantly, daily, weekly  but remember you will get everyone’s response…not just yours… Word Press also sent me a link but basically it’s just many complaining of what I already said but I’ll include it anyway

Note if you have checked off to receive all NEW POSTS of those you follow on dashboard..I think settings discussion…you should receive them via email with no problem…Hope this helps some!……Diane

5 thoughts on “EMAIL FIASCO

  1. I’m finally in front of my computer.. my problem is that I have a separate, non-wordblog account for new post emails.. not attached to my wordpress email. (hotmail account). When I manage those subscriptions, there is a setting that might be new (probably is new) that has automatically check “Don’t email new posts when following in WordPress” or something along those lines.. this is madness!!
    I’ve unchecked, so let’s see if the emails start flowing again…
    xo Smidge


  2. Thanks,Diane! I think I’m getting my post emails again after coincidentally emailing WordPress. Another blogger friend whi uses a different service has two boxes under the comment section: one to notify me of all followup comments by everyone and another notify me of followup to my comment. Why don’t they just do this.. So simple!


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