I Am Addicted

I have only been blogging now for just over 4 months. It has been such a wonderful and rewarding experience. There have been people I would imagine in all parts of the world that I have met, through cyber space.

I started blogging mainly as an outlet for loving to write. I haven’t written anything earth shattering, nor such that would be considered anything but what an amateur might do  There are no credentials in my history that indicate any proficiency in doing so. But I began, and stepped into this world where people write  all sorts of things,  from poetry to photography. I still don’t understand all that is involved in blogging but what I do know, I like.

There are so many interesting people and many that have issues in all sorts of areas of life. Like me, there are many dealing with or who have dealt with depression. There are those with eating disorders and forms of mental illness, that long to be understood, and acknowledged that they are dealing with issues that so many do not understand what the severity of their difficulty is.

Many need to have an encouraging word, or to realize someone who has felt the same things they are feeling now, and is there to affirm them. There are those who bring a smile to others by their wit and humor provided, sometimes in humor of everyday living. There are yet others who are so creative in crafts or cooking. There are those who give everyday spiritual insight. It’s like a smorgasbord of information. 

One of the other reasons I decided to write a blog, was that perhaps in something that I may have experienced, or am experiencing,  by writing about it, may touch someone else’s spirit or soul, and may bring some light into their life.  Much of what I write about is my own struggles through my life, because I choose to look back and see the change and how far I have come, and how far the Lord has brought me  I must say that I have more of an introspective personality and so that’s how I write. I need to be me.

Having said all that, I must confess that I am ‘addicted’ to this new interest in my life….BLOGGING!!!!!

15 thoughts on “I Am Addicted

  1. Thank you so much…I agree totally that the internet can be abused and bring heartache and information that should not be readily available especially to children, but I really believed that when I decided to do a blog that it was one of God’s answers to me because I was praying that I felt I wasn’t doing enough to further his kingdom…and since I already enjoyed writing maybe along the way I could encourage someone else in their own struggles…Diane


  2. There are so many poeple who are critical of the internet. Once again, like so many other areas of new developments… it is all in how you use the technology.
    For those who have blogged for quite a while we realize the number of people that can be reached with the truths of Gods Word thorugh blogging, videos and other internet related outreaches.
    We all should thank the Lord for technology and ask for His grace to use this technology for His glory and wisdom to abstain from it’s misuse.
    Lord bless, Diane… your blog is a blessing to many.


  3. I’m glad you are addicted to blogging, Diane. I’m one of those who is blessed to have met you online, to whom you have reached out and offered words of comfort and wisdom – truly a gift. Thank you 🙂 xxx


  4. An addiction yes, but for me that is wonderfully therapeutic. I have met many many loving and caring people on the blogs. Write about all your deepest hurts and save them to file if you don’t want to publish them. It certainly helps me. Keep going.:)


  5. Blogging is a wonderful way to express thoughts and feelings. It can be as anonymous as a diary, but in an interactive way. I know I feel less alone when I write here and I get to know people who are both similar to me and people who are different. There is value in both. I know I like to read your posts. Keep it up.:)


    • I totally love my blogging friends. Whatever feeling I am having I can put them down on paper and there is always someone it seems to relate. It is very affirming. Thanks for dropping by. Diane


  6. Yes, it is so addictive! I am trying to limit myself now. But what makes it worthwhile, as you mentioned, is when you say write about an experience you have had, and someone says it has helped them with what they are dealing with. Like our own little virtual community.


    • Thanks for commenting..You are right..When I was going through depression I would have loved to have had the opportunity to communicate with others so I didn’t feel so isolated in my feelings….Diane


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