This is another of my Reblogs. Something I wrote soon after starting blogging, which I hope is worthwhile doing…


So, I would imagine all Christians go through this experience to one degree or another.

We have family, friends and loved ones who have not yet had the comfort of knowing Jesus as their personal Saviour.

How then to approach them if at all and what to say or NOT say to them. Some in error believe that if you just acknowledge that there is a God somewhere in the heavens, then that is all they need to believe.  And, added to that if they live a life without a serious offence, then that is good as well. I once a long time ago believed in somewhat the same things. I hoped that if I was good enough and tried not to do bad things that I might go to heaven…if I didn’t make God unhappy with me.

I had been raised going to Sunday School and then…

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