You’ll Be Okay …..

For some reason today I am a little wistful.  I’ve been remembering times of long ago…it seems a lifetime as now in my senior years and so removed from the day-to-day living that goes on with young children to take care of.  I don’t have memories of a great number of details, just that it was a very busy time and yet I sometimes long for those years…. I suppose with getting older and realizing at some point the roles of parent and child reverse. I remember that time came with my mother, though I don’t recall exactly when.

I have MS and while I am not severely disabled, I find that my cognitive skills, especially memory are not sharp at all….and I then am taken back into time when my mother lost the ability to remember at all.  While I say that…to those observing she did because she lost the ability to communicate and so it was most difficult to know for sure. Perhaps she did have her memories wrapped up inside, unable to tell us.

I will most likely never get to the point she did, for a long time, and yet if I would say that I have a sadness…I don’t like to call it a fear because I know the Lord will be beside me no matter what. But I  wrote a short poem ( I call it a poem anyway) with some of my thoughts.

He’s crying and you hold him,

He’s so tiny and helpless,

And doesn’t know what he wants,

You hold him and whisper in his ear

“You’ll be okay.”

He rides his bicycle and falls down,

You see him through the window,

And hear him crying,

You rush to him and say

“You’ll be okay”.

He comes home from school,

And goes to his room,

You know something is wrong,

He tells you his girlfriend broke up

And you turn to him and say,

“You’ll be okay”.

He tells you he’s going to marry,

And he has many doubts,

About what lies ahead,

And you look at him and say

“You’ll be okay”.

He says that his kids

Are really misbehaving,

He’s not sure what to do,

And you stare into his eyes and say

“You’ll be okay”.

He says he’s come to visit,

And you tell him you’re not well,

You can’t think clearly anymore,

He turns to you to say,

“You’ll be okay”.

I use “He” although we have 2 sons and a daughter, but I’ll refer to my firstborn son ..and so ‘He’. …Just to be clear, I love my life now …it just that once in a while there’s a longing to return ‘temporarily’  to when our children were young and so were we.

8 thoughts on “You’ll Be Okay …..

  1. Diane,

    Lord bless you… when you say “I don’t like to call it a fear because I know the Lord will be beside me no matter what” , you are an inspiration to us all… May the Lord continue to be with you and restrain the symptoms of your MS. or perhaps even heal you if it is His will!


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