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I was recently thinking of how fortunate I am for the friends that I currently have or people who have been in my life at one time or another and have befriended me.From the years in your life when you are very young, friends are important to us.

Kids to play with, to laugh with, to go to a birthday party with…these are the very first examples of what having friends do for us. I remember a time in my life when we did not have a television but one of my friends who did, invited me over every week when Superman was on. Sometimes we’d watch another show or two, but I remember ‘Superman’. I remember having a birthday party and even though we weren’t as well off as other families, my friends were still there for me and would come to my party.

I remember in my pre-teen…

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  1. I realized after writing the above I older than you but I think the idea remains the same..the older we get the more we concentrate on our interests and are busy doing them …and are somewhat content …until we sometimes realize we don’t have a lot of like-minded ‘friends’…Diane


  2. I need to agree with you. I’m not sure what it is …maybe because when we get older our lives slow down and we grow in different ways than our friends that were. I find the same thing as actually except for ones we see occasionally on a ‘lighter’ level of friendship our closest friends are my sister and her husband. I do have one special friend that I reconnected with through facebook, who I used to work with. She is a Christian also and so we have that bond. But even she lives about 4 hours away, and so we don’t see each other much.

    Sometimes I find also being older …I am 66 ..that as we age we become very routine oriented to our lifestyle and others our age I think do the same. We’re maybe too content and like our space. I don’t know what it is, but you’re right. Do you think any of that could be true?……Diane


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