Home? A Place of Love…A Place of Strife Poem-Memories

Well, as I said a couple of days ago, my husband is away for a few days and I intended to read a lot of blogs and write a few. In this case it is a poem that I wrote many years ago probably in the ’80’s, when our children were in a stage of getting ‘at’ each other and I wrote this to them! Again it is certainly amateur poetry but from the heart and how I expressed myself at times. During this period I was also fighting my foe ‘depression’.

“What does ‘home’ mean to me?

A place of love, a place to see

A ‘family’ live in harmony,

Not a place of anger and strife,

But instead, a place to enjoy our life!

We often however, shout and yell,

I want it stopped, I want to tell,

This can’t continue like it’s been,

Old or young, parent or teen.

Consider who, means more to you,

Before you yell, try on the ‘shoe’

The shoe of someone else you see,

Is sometimes a difficult place to be!

While young you think that once you’re old,

You’ll have it made…you’re oh so bold.

We as parents on the other hand,

Wonder how much more we can stand.

We only want to love, you know,

But sometimes we find it hard to show,

Because like you, we feel the hurt,

We sometimes feel not more than dirt.

We know that kids have feelings too,

And sometimes we don’t know what to do,

You see there’s no book that sells just now,

‘To Be Perfect Parents..Here’s the How”

So next time before the anger swells,

And you’re all set to give some yells

Consider instead a soft-spoken word,

And maybe the manner of a beautiful bird

The bird of peace, a gentle dove,

Instead of anger, will instead bring love.

Our home is special, we really all know,

We’re just ‘too human’ to sometimes show.

I know I really love you all,

Let’s build a bridge, instead of a wall.

Our God will help us if only we’ll ask

For ‘ Him’ it’s really and easy task! “

Love Mom

p.s. Forgive me for MY frequent bouts of frustration and anger.


“We love you Mom!…We’re sorry and we’ll try hard”.

8 thoughts on “Home? A Place of Love…A Place of Strife Poem-Memories

  1. I love this!!!! I wish I saw this when I wrote the post, I would have included it inthe related articles. Thank you so much for telling me. That is such a good idea, creative too. You are a good mom.

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