Because my memory/memories are dwindling, I thought I might write a little about it.

I believe that ‘memory’ begins in the womb. Our brain develops in the womb and memory is a part of that brain, so why not memory? Sensations and feelings felt ….warmth, comfort and nourishment. It has been said, and I think it to be true, that talking to the baby while still in your womb, can be remembered after birth…voice recognition… and the baby responding to the mother’s/father’s voice.

It has also been noted that if a child hears certain music while inside the womb, they will respond to that music after being born. In an extreme case I watched one show where the parent played music on the piano and the child could play that same music when only a small child. That would probably be an extraordinary example and perhaps the child had the makings of a genius.

The memory then continues throughout our childhood years and especially during the first five years being most prominent…I have heard. Think of what a child learns …to talk, to walk and the various other skills that they will need and use throughout their lives. Skills for years of education and all kinds of facts to remember and learn, in order to obtain the career of their choice.

Some of us remember better than others during those years of schooling. I personally found it very difficult to learn from a book, and studying for me was even harder. Perhaps I didn’t enhance those skills when I should have. I know my fellow students seemed to have it much easier than I. Learning for me was always easier when the teacher spoke about the subject and made it interesting in doing so. Some subjects for me came easy such as spelling and reading, but math and social studies..geography and history were to me just memorizing of facts, and I found it very hard.

As we get older they say we lose the ability to learn as we did when younger. I know while in the working world and computers came into being, I found it a very slow process to digest and retain the instructions of how to operate one.

There are those of course who are the exception to the rule…the ones who can write novels, paint beautiful pictures and start new businesses when they are in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond that.

Due to age or disability our memory can and in my case did become more of a struggle. In my case I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 46. For several years before, I had begun to notice that there was more difficulty in remembering details, and in word finding skills. It was almost a relief when I found out there was a reason for having such a problem while only in my 40’s, because I knew that something was not right. I still have trouble in those ways, but also remembering things in our life over the years. My husband will often say, “remember when……” and I will not. It has come to the point now where I have asked him not to use the word ‘remember’ to me, because it is troubling. Alas, he doesn’t ‘remember’ that I asked him that. He remembers everything else ..but that!

I am thankful that during many years I wrote things down on scraps of notepaper and that we have many photos to give me a glimpse into the past. It is comforting. Even if what I wrote was not positive…at least it is a piece of my life.

Some of the blogs that I am posting from time to time…’memories’ are from those scraps of paper written so many years ago. And I do scrapbooking and look at the photos of times gone by. 

So while I do not have a great ‘memory’ ….I do have my ‘memories’  ..and then of course I do have my husband to remind me of things forgotten!

7 thoughts on “Memory….Memories

  1. This is a special post. Thank you for sharing it. I agree with you about us having memory even in the womb. I have so many little snippets that go back so very young – to baby hood.
    It would be achingly hard to lose your precious memories as you are doing – and I’m glad you are scrapbooking and writing them – because they are precious. xxx


  2. I agree with you…I think that is why we develope certain cravings. Both my natural born girls like the foods that I craved when I was pregnant with them the best. Jk likes Chinese foods and Mel likes Mexican foods. They both took to learning the subjects that I was most involved in when I was pregnant with them. Mel was the one who liked to dance/sing/act and write. Jklyn on the other hand likes to act/sing and read more. As they grew older it seems they have found that they often repeat things that I have said over the years, and just the way I said it. I often have to laugh at Mel, my oldest daughter because she sounds just like me when she is getting on to her 14 year old son. I always tell her…”Hmmm, you know who you sound like?” Her response is always…”Yes, and it’s scary.” But I always remind her that I also sound like my mom, who sounded like her mom, and so on. It is born in us, passed on through our lives, and on to our children and grandchildren, and is just as much a legacy as our memories are.


    • I believe there is more that happens while the child is still in the mother’s womb..than can be proven. After all the baby is attached to the mother through the umbilical cord. And then, for sure when they are born they take note and remember their parent’s but even I think the mother’s you said.


      • I think so too. That is why it was important to me to read and sing to my daughters when I was pregnant with them, and to talk to them, even call them by name. I truly think that education begins in the womb, and that their personalities begin to form and be on exhibit in there as well. I know Jk showed her mischieviouness while I was pregnant with her. The fact that the doctor had to avert her 4 times because she kept flipping back sideways even to the day she was born. The doc said…She sure doesn’t like to lay with her head pointed down. She would kick up a storm whenever a motorcycle went by, and today she is a little daredevil.


    • I believe there is more that happens when the child is still in the mother’s womb…than can even be proven…And for sure when they are young and growing the take on and remember the parent’s but even maybe more the mother’s ways of speaking and acting…like you mentioned in your post..Thanks for your comments…Diane


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