This is another reblog of something I wrote back when I first started blogging …Diane


I have been told many times by different people, that I am too serious. I guess they ‘re right when I self-examine. As far back in my recollections even as a child, I grew up too fast and with it came the memories of realizing how unstable a childhood I had.

I remember having to be careful when the telephone rang, in case it was a bill collector and saying that my mother was not home but that she would call them back. Of course she couldn’t until she did have a cheque to send them. Chances were that it would be next month and late again. She would sometimes have to alternate payments for different debts. There were of course the times I wasn’t to answer the phone at all because bills  were really outstanding and one more excuse was not good enough.

Of course there were the times…

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  1. Thanks for beautiful words…No I don’t ever blame my Mom as she worked so hard to give us what she fact she taught me so much about love….how important it was to keep loving in spite of circumstances. When I was little I was sick a lot with asthma and bronchitis and there were no ‘puffers’ back then. She would take me into the steamed up bathroom..and sit with me and then she would sit up all night with me and hold me because I couldn’t lay down..
    The experience though did I feel have an effect on me later in life with insecurities etc. and I did suffer from depression for most of my life on and off ….I have written about those years…but my husband and I did manage to raise our family showing as much love as we could…with my Mom (and his) as our guide
    Keep your blogs going …I’m loving seeing your ‘scrapping’…Diane

    btw one of the pictures with a little red haired baby reminds me of our daughter as she had red hair also….


  2. Thankyou for your lovely reply on my blog. I have been reading your posts (on my phone) and I havn’t had a chance till now to get on the computer and write some comments to you.
    I really enjoy your reblogs. They are inspiring and written from the heart. I think your an amazing person, and I’m glad you don’t blame your mum as it must of been really hard for her too, and it sounds like she was doing her best. It seems (just from what I have read about you) that you have not let the bad things keep you down. I’m so glad you found strength in The Lord. Thankyou for sharing, I enjoy reading your posts and they help reafirm my faith in Jesus.
    Bless You! and of course happy scrapping!


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