Hurry and Scurry….Poem- Memories

I’ve been looking back at some things that I wrote years ago…or things related. Some may be poems..strictly amateurish but from the heart. So I’m going to blog some of them. This is the first one, and was written when my children were young and I was suffering from depression off and on…mostly on to one degree or another. There are actually two poems, written in the same year but months apart. I will include the word ‘Memories’ when blogging about something from the past.


As I sit back and relax

And look back on my day

Of the things I have  done..

Have I done the right way?

I scurry and hurry,

Do this and do that,

Have I dusted the table?

Have I let out the cat?

The washing is in

But oh, what is the time?

Have I got in the roast?

Is that the phone or the chime?

My children are playing

Oh where is my girl?

What’s the matter with Mommy?

My mind’s in a whirl

Can you show me this Mom?

No, I’m sorry not now!

There’s company coming,

Tonight, I’ll show how

The dinner is hectic

We’re all having fun,

Now, we’ll just do the dishes

And then we’ll be done

Oh! look at the clock

Tomorrow there’s school,

It’s time for bed

Oh my! what a fool

Oh Lord how we rush

Will our children still care?

When we have the time

Will they still want to share?

Do you think we can change?

Before it’s too late

And our daughters and sons

To us come to hate?

I love them dear God,

And I pray that I will

Keep them more important

Than paying a bill !

POEM 2  … months later

This past year has shown me

A great many things,

My God and my family

Great blessings they bring

If we only will see

The faith the Lord gives

Each day we awaken

We’ll know how to live !

Some things are important

This we all know

As to how to decide

Is the thing God must show

The housework, the washing

The meals and our work

Are all part of living

And things we can’t shirk

But if we can learn

The most important of all

Is the sharing of love

That is Christ’s greatest call !

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