Trifecta Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This is a second attempt at the Trifecta Challenge re-writing the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears…modern version.

So this cute little blue eyed blonde girl with naturally curly hair by the name of  ‘Goldie’ decides to sneak out of her bedroom window, where there was a beautiful big tree to climb down.  Her parents were still sleeping and she thought it would be much more enjoyable to skip school for the day. Now the big decision, what would she do, and where would she go?

There was this house on the street that she had been curious about for a long time. None of the other kids would go near it because some weird people were said to have lived there, although no one had ever seen them. Her curiosity got the better of her and so off she went to see what was so strange in this old wreck of a house.

When she went up to the house, she peeked in the window to see if she could see anything or anyone. No one appeared to be home. Not content with just looking in the window, she proceeded to the door, and lo and behold it was partially open.

As she stepped inside she saw three bowls of cereal on the table, and they all had cereal in them which she thought curious. It was as though something interrupted the residents of the house and they left without eating breakfast. She wondered why there were three different kinds of cereals and so decided to try a little of each. The first one had a very bland cereal in it and so she decided to leave that one alone. The second bowl she tasted was very tart, so again she left that one also, but the contents of the third bowl was so sweet, she was delighted and ate it all.

Now she thought she would take a further look around the house, and she found ….again…three different chairs. By this time she was determined to see why there was three different kinds of chairs. Why were these three people so opposite each other in their choices even to what kinds of chairs they would sit in? So, okay she sat in the first and largest chair there and found out it was much too big for her and not comfortable at all. The second one she sat in was such an awkward shape, she thought the person who sat in that chair must also be very peculiar, and didn’t fit her at all, and so she then moved on the the smallest and softest chair. Now this was a chair..perfect size, shape with soft padded arms. Unfortunately she didn’t notice that it had one leg that was damaged and when she sat down in it, the chair collapsed from her weight and she broke it.

Some time had passed since she had left her house by now, but still her curiosity got the best of her and so she continued up a flight of stairs to see what was up there.  The floors creaked as she walked up them.  At the top of the stairs, she saw..what else but three beds and again they varied in size and shape. These people must truly be totally different in their tastes and size!

Being too stubborn to just leave without seeing what the beds were like, she lay down on the first and largest one and just about bounced right back off it, because the mattress was so hard it almost felt like hard rubber. So, on she went to the second and medium sized bed. This one was like laying on feathers because she almost sank to the floor and thought what a skinny and light person must use this bed. Well, there was only one bed left to try, and again it was the smallest one.  And you guessed it, this was the bed that anyone and everyone would love to have.  It was not too hard like the first one, nor was it too soft like the second one…no this one was just right. In fact it was too comfortable and Goldie fell asleep, just long enough that soon she was to be discovered by the owners and inhabitants of the house.

While she was sleeping the people came home. They had realized that before they had breakfast they needed to do their daily jog, and in fact did just that. Upon entering the house they noticed that someone had been tasting some of each bowl of their cereal, but then the youngest of the three noticed that theirs had all been eaten. This was very curious. They felt uneasy and wandered into the living room where again the youngest noticed that their chair had been broken. By this time even though they were uncertain as to whether to continue looking throughout the house, or whether to call the police..they proceeded to go up the stairs, creaking with each step. They quickly saw that two of the beds were rumpled, but astonished when they saw that there was a young girl sleeping in the smallest of them.

They all screamed at her at once, not only startling Goldie but scaring her half to death. She jumped up quickly and ran down the stairs as fast as her feet would carry her, and out the front door.

Frantically reaching her house, she darted inside and knew that she would have quite a bit of explaining to do to her parents. After confessing, and receiving quite the tongue lashing, she vowed she would never again go near that house, as she never wanted the people who lived there to recognize who had invaded their home.  She wouldn’t even be able to tell the other kids what the ‘weird’ people looked like, because she was too scared to even take a good look.  Oh…almost forgot..Her Mom told her that she knew the people in the ‘old wreck of a house’…The family’s name was ‘The Bears’   THE END

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