I was thinking about the number of times in our day, week or year, that we have a choice to improve someone’s self-esteem or just make them a little more encouraged than before you came into their life.

Our first choice in doing this is often within our family unit. Before you or they even leave the house there are many opportunities to either start their day better or begin it on a negative note. In most families that have children of any age, it is an effort sometimes to get them going in the morning. We have the choice of how we do it. If we yell constantly at them to do this and that and to hurry up about it, the child is certainly not going to welcome the day or what lies in store. Now, I’ve been there….a long time ago I will admit, and I do realize that I did it wrong a lot of the time. I started though, when I became aware of the problem,  to plan the morning ‘ahead’ ..the night before and go through the issues that we would face. I thought it better to check the things that are often left too late to do anything about… their homework completed?….did they know what they were wearing the next day (if they were old enough to decide that..I’m afraid I was of the mind at 5, 6 and 7-year-old Mom made the choice) etc etc. That way hopefully in the morning there wouldn’t be the need to argue over these things.  Then the day can start on a more positive note. And we also have the option of telling them we hope they have a good day and yes we’re sure they will do well on that test they’re going to be having, and to tell them most of all….we love them!

During the day there are others we probably have contact with in person or otherwise.

We may be in the grocery store, and run into someone who is having trouble with unruly young ones, and may just need an encouraging comment….even from a complete stranger.

There is the checkout clerk who isn’t very forthcoming with personality…who maybe just needs a sentence or two to brighten their day and the job she is doing. Who knows what this person is dealing with in their life?

Then there are numerous people we talk to each day on the telephone. It may be a doctor’s office, or a bank official, the school, or a friend, or possibly even a call from some agency requesting a donation …..and the list could go on. We have a choice to be pleasant or be off-handed or even rude.

If we are employed outside of the home there probably are multiple co-workers we come into contact with throughout the day, some of whom we may not particularly like but who could use a kind word or gesture.

Let us not forget ‘blogging’.  We have the option of encouraging and uplifting each other when it becomes apparent that there is a need.

In each day that we are alive and share with others on this planet called Earth, we have the opportunity to AFFIRM one another or NOT.

Proverbs 16 vs 24… Pleasant words are a honeycomb…sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

One thought on “AFFIRM OR NOT?

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