Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone…REALLY??

I’ve done a few blogs mentioning the depression that I endured for many many years of my life. Now in the past year the veil of depression has finally lifted.  I’ve been not too bad for a few years, but still felt tied to the dreaded illness that plagued me.

The past few months I have been praying to see if there were other things I should be doing in life. I just felt that there was something.


I accepted a request during the past two federal and one provincial to work in our candidate’s office helping with the office work..answering phones, some computer work and then helping out on Election Day. This was definitely stepping out into the world again and offering myself up for ‘who knows what’??? But I managed okay, and then it was over and back to my routine and ‘comfort zone’.

Then a few weeks ago a friend who volunteered at the local hospital, when I told her I had often thought perhaps I’d like to do something like that….suggested she could give my name to the Volunteer coordinator. So I said with trepidation in my voice..”Sure”. A few weeks past and when not hearing anything ..I said to my husband something like..” Well, they probably saw that I had been into emergency on a couple of occasions a few years back.. regarding the taking of too many pills, and decided that they didn’t want someone unstable like I was etc etc “. And then I thought …just as well probably, and promptly forgot about it. Exit one idea!

Then two weeks ago I got a call from know who…wanting to know if I was interested in volunteering. I quickly ran it through my mind a matter of a couple of seconds and almost said no…not a good time right now. Surprising myself, I said yes, I was. She explained the process of a police background check, blood tests for certain things and a tuberculosis test. That in itself was a bit mind-boggling, but I said that I would pick up the necessary forms and do what was necessary.

Well, I’ve done it all and will be taking in the forms for her to check out and then beginning in May if all seems okay, I will be an official volunteer. I kinda laughed when getting the police background check done. I thought it would be my luck and ‘surprise’ if something turned up on it. While it provided me with a laugh, until I got the check done indicating that I did indeed have a clear background, I held my breath a little.

Okay, and so the we’re in church a couple of weeks ago and I see that there is a ‘scrapbooking’ session at the “Church the following Friday and Saturday. Now that is something in the past few years I had taken an interest in when I thought I needed something to do. I love taking and looking at pictures, because it brings back memories of times past with family and friends. Pictures were normally taken at good times so there were no bad memories associated with them….I digress… So I decide once again I will step out of my comfort zone and go somewhere there are people who I do not know, and do not know what to expect and yet I will go…and I did. It did feel funny at first because being an insecure person for most of my life, I am usually wary of the unknown. But I went and I conquered….one small step for mankind…I mean me!

I also started the blogging of course..should have started with that ….back in October 2011. I often had enjoyed writing poems strictly amateurish I assure you…but had done so off and on for many years.  And then I heard about ‘blogging’ and thought..”that is something I think I would like to do…just write whatever I wanted for whatever enjoyment I could find” I didn’t know if anyone other than me would ever read any of it, but it didn’t really matter. Since I have been doing it and started reading others’ blogs I didn’t realize how much enjoyment that I would get from it. Meeting other people and finding out about their lives and ideas that they had …and actually finding others that could relate to where I have been for so many years of my life.

One of the worst aspects of depression is that you feel totally alone and that nobody understands what you’re going through. And that is true for a lot of people unfortunately…they don’t understand because they haven’t ‘been there’.

If any of what I have written or will write… will help anyone to feel less alone then I have accomplished something worthwhile. And that makes me feel happy!

I also started a devotional and meditation time with the Lord.

Soooooo all I’m saying is…be careful when you start to ‘step out of your comfort zone’. Surprises keep happening!

17 thoughts on “Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone…REALLY??

  1. This post made me chuckle last night because you thought they had checked your medical history and thought they weren’t interested because of your incident with pills and being unstable!


  2. I understand the way you feel. Often when we step out of our comfort zone we can encounter people who for many reasons don’t understand what we personally are going through and so we lack the support system we need. But as Christians we are never alone, because Christ is always with us. But we shouldn’t just step out because other people think that is what we should do. Our paths are to be directed by Jesus Christ, and when we step out of our comfort zone onto a path he directs whatever we do will bring glory to Him. When we step on a path directed by man often we find struggles that we are not prepared for. So step out, but make sure God is directing the new path you step on. Please post your poetry! I would love to see some of it, and as long as it comes from your heart it will be wonderful. Often no matter what the “intelligent” poets of soceity think, there poetry often falls on deaf ears because although perfect in grammar and the rules of poetry, it has no heart in it and does not speak to the souls of man.


    • Thank You for your comment…I do believe that God is slowly moving me to expand my horizons so to speak…volunteering is something I always wanted to do and since praying and the hospital volunteering opening up I feel led to do so….I also feel like I am meant to be ‘blogging’..(who made that word up??) because I have met so many people who have touched my heart in many ways..

      Most of the poems that I have written in the past are in some book somewhere ..I must see if I can find them..The only recent one I wrote I posted on November 26 2011 ..if you put in that month on my post page you will find it…It was simply called ..A Poem for My Children…which was it’s original intent….Diane


  3. I so agree – who knows where it will lead when we step out of our comfort zone. Some years ago, I wondered what I could do – at home with 4 children, one still a baby. I got into writing letters to the lcoal paper (amongst other things) – then to being on a rota writing about once a year for the Christian Comment column – and eventually leading to my own blog started 3 days ago.


  4. It’s good to hear that someone, somewhere is feeling better after struggling with depression for many years. Talking about stepping out of comfort zones, I have been leading a bible study. I went tonight, and thought it didn’t go well. (But that is my perception.) Tomorrow at 5pm I start with my NLS (life-guarding.) Definitely WAY out of my comfort zone!


    • I am living and very grateful proof that there is definitely life beyond depression. It may take some of us longer, for various reasons but I am grateful that God did not take His hand off of me. It sounds like you are doing a good thing for yourself…and try as hard as it is, not to doubt that you have a lot to offer…I hope your life guarding goes well…and I’m sure that it will… Diane


  5. I adore that you are stepping out of your comfort zone! I could really relate when you were talking about that with the blogging. I have actually written several posts saying the same thing. It can be tough putting yourself out there but I never realized that it would be freeing, too! Keep up the amazing everything! Hugs! Jo


    • Thank you..It took a long time to be able to write it but it is a freeing moment in a very long time of being hindered in my life with depression….but even though it happened ..I still believe that ‘all things work (ed) together for good’
      Blogging has become very special part of my life now…and again I believe it is a good thing…Diane


      • I love it Diane. Really. The blogging really can be wonderful. I always say that this was such a nice surprise for me. I didn’t realize the sense of community you have in these forums. Such a gift. 🙂 Big hugs to you! Jo


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